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Warehouse Mobile Signal Booster

Poor mobile phone signal is a common problem in a lot of UK Warehouses and Offices causing frustration and the possible loss of business: the majority of our customers come to us looking for a solution to this issue and many have their own, unique, mobile signal problems. If you require a mobile signal booster for an office or warehouse location then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our home page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keeping Your Staff Connected is Possible with an office Mobile Signal Booster

A common situation is a warehouse or office with few or no signal bars and frequently dropped calls. This can be the result of localized poor coverage, obstructive building materials, third party interference or geographical distance between your office or warehouse and the nearest provider’s base station. Whether one of our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can help depends on what is actually causing the problem, for instance if you are situated in a remote area and are physically too far from a base station to receive any signal, a mobile phone signal booster is unlikely to help as there will be no signal to boost. Fortunately, geographical reception barriers that are insurmountable are relatively rare.

The cause of poor mobile signal is far more likely to be due to the materials used to construct your warehouse/office, or interference from the buildings around you. Mobile signals have a hard time passing through metal and concrete, plus many buildings use insulation that is foil-backed in their construction. This insulation is very good at keeping the heat in but also blocks external signal, meaning that mobile phone signals cannot get through. Interference runs along similar lines and is a particular problem in built-up areas. If you can’t get a signal in your workplace in central London, Birmingham, Manchester or any other large city, it’s likely not because Vodafone Network, O2, Three or EE coverage is poor.

Office signal Solution uk In all large UK cities centres signals will be reflected from walls and other barriers and many separate signals will be found traveling in different directions. These different signals will interact with each other and some of these can be diminished in strength, which results in weaker reception for you. Luckily in both these scenarios you will probably be able to get a reasonable signal nearby, and so a mobile repeater is an excellent solution.

Currently you might receive full bars of signal if you go outside but it’s not exactly convenient having to wander outside every time you want to make calls. So, can we help you and how can you be sure? A good rule of thumb is the following: if you can get a signal outside your warehouse or office, but not inside, the problem is likely to be caused by the materials in the building or buildings nearby, this can be solved by our distributed antenna system using completely legal and Ofcom compliant Cel-Fi repeaters.

Everyone’s situation is different We pride ourselves on striving to help and give accurate and honest advice before we embark on fixing the problem. First, we send one of our expert surveyors to conduct a full survey and determine the exact cause of the poor signal, they will compose a full report and suggest a tailored solution with a quote to suit your budget. Once the quote and scope of the job is agreed we set the date for the work and provide you with a plan of work. Our Cel-Fi repeaters will take in the external signal and distribute it to internal antennas mounted to the walls of ceilings of your premises, thus bypassing the ‘blocking’ effect of the building’s walls, windows etc.

Are Signal Boosters Legal in the UK?

Something you must watch out for when embarking on a signal boosting project is to be sure that the system you are using is Ofcom compliant. There are two ways around this; the most expensive and restricted option is using one of the network’s own boosting systems – these will provide signal for the network you contact and any minor networks piggybacking on their frequencies. Unfortunately, this means you will need to reach out to each provider individually and have at least four different installations scheduled – if you want every network. The cost for such projects can be extremely prohibitive and from anecdotal evidence it takes a lot of organising and is very time consuming.

office ware house tower solution

Alternatively, our signal repeaters are actually licence exempt, we exclusively use Cel-Fi repeaters which are the only boosters Ofcom will allow outside of the major network’s own brands, You will need a four-repeater system to cover all networks but these will fit neatly in a pre-agreed area and be configured to each individual network and all the other minor providers (insert picture of four Go x units installed). The other equipment needed is an external directional antenna to pick up the signal from outside, cable that our installers will run so as to not be visible, these connect to the internal antennas (numbers vary depending on the size of the building). The internal antennas are small, designed to be aesthetically neutral and unobtrusive. (picture of internal antennas). And there you have it, full signal in all areas on all networks.

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