Large Building Mobile Signal Booster

We install industry leading mobile signal boosters for businesses and large organisations, please contact us through the form on this page, by email to [email protected] or call us on 07927283622 for a free consultation and quote. Finance is available.

Mobile phones are indispensable. The increasing dependence on apps has made it an essential commodity for everyone to use.  If you require a mobile signal booster for a large building then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To access the essential information we need to run our businesses and please our customers, we all need our mobile phones and great networks. Imagine if you have the most up to date device but are missing good signal, then your device is essentially useless. But if you are having signal issues in your large building then we are here to help.

What hinders the mobile signals in large buildings?

The hindrance of having a poor call and low browsing speed inside a large building is often due to the building material. This material is made from concrete, heavy metal and insulation, and even thick glass. All of this will block the signal from penetrating the building. And the signal can get progressively worse as you go further into the building, irrespective of the mobile carrier.

The need for a Mobile Signal Booster for office  or large Buildings can then be crucial to your business performance.  A poor signal often jeopardizes the business because of a lack of communication between your customers and employees. Sometimes, even the employees are held responsible for not completing a task, and hearing that they did not get a message is certainly very annoying. All these issues can be easily resolved when a, for example, BT Mobile signal booster is installed in a building. This will not only enhance the communication quality but also remove the frustration among the employees that occur due to poor signals. Since the delay of work will be diminished, the businesses will not suffer because of a poor mobile signal.

How Sure Signal Solutions install Boosters in large buildings?

With over 10 years experience on the installation of boosters in commercial buildings, Sure Signal Solutions offers a permanent resolution to eliminating poor signals. With a stellar team and a dexterous way of installation, our success rate in installing a booster is very high. So if you are experiencing poor signal inside the building, please connect with us.

We use antennas, inside and outside the building that enhance the signals. This is done with the use of the amplifier, also installed by us. Before we begin to install, we provide a cost estimation of the entire installation process. This is done based on a visit by one of our engineers who will visit the site to carry out a survey to determine the extent of the issue and investigate the areas where the antennas can be installed. Post all this pre-installation work, we work according to your go-ahead, with as little interference to your business as possible.

Our motive is to provide a macro coverage of signals to every corner of the building, irrespective of the network carrier you have and the number of stories in the building.

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