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3G Signal Booster

Bid farewell to call interruptions! Our signal boosters enhance call quality across all generations of technology, ensuring crystal-clear conversations and accelerated data downloads/uploads.

Operating at a frequency of 2100mhz, 3G offers faster calls and a satisfactory online experience. This may include a zoom call, meeting, or using an app, mobile TV, and personal calls/chats. All the network carriers have 3G technology under their product list.

The Three network carrier has only 3G as its product. A 3G service is apt for personal use if the signals are not hindered due to the infrastructure or any other unavoidable reason.

If there are reasons that cannot be worked upon, like a building with a heavy structure that prevents the entry of signal, signal boosters are the best way to empower your cell phones with better call quality. Listed below are some advantages of the 3G boosters for any arrier, such as a  BT mobile Phone Signal Booster:

What are the advantages of a Signal Booster?

Improved Call Quality:
With all the generations of technology, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and now even 5G you may have some kind of hindrance in the calls. Using signal boosters alleviates the interruptions, and enhances the speed of data downloads and uploads too.

Matches the current fast life:
The usage of cell phones is increasing with time. Most school-going children have cell phones now, this becoming a necessity owing to the current pandemic. A signal booster brings this speed into everyone’s life making the use of cell phones much more convenient.

Texting is more reliable:
A strengthened signal enhances the call quality as well as the texting speed. The instant reception of a message has made texting equally reliable because of the usage of signal boosters.

Competitive pricing:
Our Signal booster is available at an affordable selling price. Keeping in mind many companies offering signal boosters, the price is rather affordable. Consumers can easily manage a signal booster for the technology they use as it is a one-time investment with a long-lasting benefit.

Better coverage:
This is the primary function of a signal booster and it performs this very well. The coverage enhances notwithstanding the technical generation and the kind of building and the material used for its construction.

Battery life is better:
A signal booster ensures a great speed of call and data transfer. This certainly reduces battery usage, making it last longer. In a way, smooth cell phone usage gets work done much faster and with a lot more reliability.

How do Signal Boosters work?

A mobile phone transforms into a two-way transmitter. It receives signals from the cellular tower and rebroadcasts. When the rebroadcasting is done, the signal strength sent back to the tower is improved proffering better signals and smooth functioning of the cell phone. In the process, amplifiers, and antennas are used as input and output devices. The antennas placed inside are the input devices, whereas the ones placed outside are the output devices. The amplifiers work after the weak signal is captured by the output devices. The meticulous operation of the devices bypasses all the signal disturbances and the signal received on the mobile phone is clear and strong.

Sure Signal Solution

Sure Signal Solution

Quality Installations From
Experienced Engineers

Quality Installations From
Experienced Engineers

Provided Installation

We not only supply commercial buildings with the highest quality mobile network signal boosters, but we also carry out the installation ourselves. This is because we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services to all our customers.

Thorough Analysis

Our team of experienced engineers will begin by performing a thorough analysis of the black spots and weak areas both inside and outside the building. This helps us determine the optimal placement of antennas and boosters to ensure maximum signal strength.

Installation Plan

Once we have completed our analysis, we will provide you with an estimated cost for the installation of your 3G Mobile signal booster. Once we agree on the cost, we then work with you to create an installation plan that takes into account your working hours and minimises disruption to your daily operations.

Hassle-Free Installation

Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free installation process and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact us today to learn more about our 3G Mobile signal booster installation services.

How do Sure Signal Solutions annex 3G technology?

Sure Signal Solutions not just powers the signals through its dexterous output and input device placement, but also promises all this at a great cost. We charge an amount to survey the place. This is done to give a cost estimation to you as well as to analyze the black spots. These spots often are dead and do not receive any signal. The professional engineers that we have are trained to analyze and are intellectuals working as network engineers. This establishes us as one of the best signal booster providers in the UK.

Apart from the experience of ten years in this industry, we also boast of having a flawless service considering the value of time for you and us.

Signal boosters can be placed anywhere with low frequency. Enumerated below is the list:

  • In the cars: We can place antennas on the vehicles to ensure a great output device that can analyze a weak signal. This will allow you to be connected irrespective of the location.
  • In areas of not more than 300 m. square.: These places are garages, basements, rooms, small offices, and small houses. 3G repeaters can be installed at all these places boosting the signal strength, allowing a great connection and smooth data transfer.
  • Large areas: The large areas of 500m square can be easily covered using 3G repeaters. The signal is boosted and you will face no problems even if you are at a supermarket, multi-storied building/house, restaurants, parking lots, or any underground area. 3G repeaters are ideal for all these locations with large areas.

Further, if there are impediments due to the structure, or landscape, the repeaters can be used with amplifiers and antennas to maximize efficiency.