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In the heart of healthcare, connectivity is a lifeline. Secure it with our Hospitals Mobile Signal Boosters.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters For Hospitals

Keeping your hospital connected could be a matter of life and death. Ensure hospital staff, patients and visitors have complete access to their mobile networks when on site. Allow loved ones to update family members on health conditions, the final goodbyes and the long-awaited call of great news post-op. Keep everyone connected to ensure word travels fast without anyone having to leave the premises to find a working mobile signal. Sure Signal helps keep your hospital connected as well as mobile signal in hospitals accessible. Keep mobile coverage high and everyone connected for those moments that really matter with an Ofcom-compliant hospital mobile signal booster.

For more information on our Stella Doradus mobile signal boosters and our installation process for hospitals and healthcare facilities call 07927283622  for a free consultation. Alternatively, please fill out the contact form to the right of this page or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Your Hospital Needs A Mobile Phone Signal Booster 

Often hospital walls are thick to avoid noise transfer from one room to the other while also vitally restricting the free movement of fire, floods and other natural calamities. Considering the restrictive and thick nature of hospital walls connectivity and mobile signals are often difficult to come by especially when travelling between hospital floors. Thus making it difficult for mobile devices to connect to a strong, working mobile signal. 

Improve Hospital Mobile Connectivity & Improve Communication

Both black spots and weak signal areas could prove detrimental to the roles of nurses, doctors and hospital staff. The need for staff to communicate with another medical professional in case of an emergency is critical. In such a situation, a weak mobile signal could be a problem that causes great risk to a patient’s well-being. Improved mobile signals in hospitals can allow quicker access to the patient’s data and test results. A hospital mobile signal booster can support not only medical staff but patients and visitors too. Installing a hospital mobile signal booster could improve communication and as well expediting check-in times during rush hours. Faster patient condition appraisal means faster successful patient discharge too, mobile signal boosters help facilitate and streamline hospital processes for all-around efficiency.

Get Mobile Connected

Stronger Mobile Phone Signals For Hospitals With Mobile Signal Solutions

A strong signal strength will enhance the transmission of large data files in the case of MRIs, PET scans, and other medical records. Therefore the need for, mobile signal boosters for hospitals can be a great way to increase hospital connectivity via cellular signal. Increasing connectivity, productivity and communication. 

On the other hand, strong mobile signals are essential for both hospital patients and visitors too. Improving visitor and patient experiences, keeping individuals in touch with loved ones, family members and others too.  Safety of data communication is of huge importance too, individuals connected via a mobile signal have the added benefit of their phone not being linked to a Wi-Fi system, offering personal privacy and security.

A good signal will eliminate dead zones, dropped calls, and problem areas when friends and family want to connect with a patient.  Good mobile signals are a necessity, our hospital mobile booster solutions can help all users within the hospital keep their connectivity needs addressed.

On-site Consultation & Hospital Mobile Signal Booster Installation 

At Sure Signal we understand the unique challenges that hospitals face when it comes to mobile connectivity. Our team of specialised engineers are well-equipped, professional installers, providing customised installation solutions to meet the specific needs of each hospital. 

Upon receiving a request for a signal booster, our engineers will promptly visit the hospital site to conduct a comprehensive survey to address your needs and concerns, we’ll discuss the installation of Stella Doradus mobile signal boosters and:

  • coverage locations
  • network coverage
  • installation process
  • equipment installation location
  • and answer any of your questions

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How Sure Signal Improve Your Hospital’s Mobile Signal 

Sure Signal Solution uses a passive distributed antenna system (DAS) for the zones in the hospitals where cell phones are allowed. This is done by using thick optic fibre, bringing the existing outdoor signal inside the hospital premises. Our passive DAS solutions are perfectly suited to hospitals due to the mobile phone restrictions in specific mobile phone-free areas in hospitals such as radiology centres.

The Sure Signal Way: Mobile Signal Boosters For Hospitals

With an excellent record in commercial setup, Sure Signal Solutions will deploy the best signal boosters to upsurge your network’s signal. The compatibility with all the network providers, and being license-exempt, make our systems 100% legal and compliant in the UK. We are proud to offer reliable signal boosters for hospitals and other medical facilities. Regardless of the mobile carrier, Sure Signal Solution use boosters that enable mobile signal strength and seamless connectivity in hospitals.

Get Better Connected With A Sure Signal Hospital Mobile Signal Booster

To learn about our services or more about us, contact [email protected] or call 07927283622. We offer a free consultation and quotation for pricing and services. We’ll conduct an on-site survey to estimate the locations for the installation of Stella Doradus mobile phone signal boosters. We’ll provide a cost estimation for installation and equipment. Visit our blog for more information on boosting mobile signals and how we can help. Finance options are available.

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