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Hotel Signal Boosters

In the heart of healthcare, connectivity is a lifeline. Secure it with our Hospitals Mobile Signal Boosters.

Is your hotel connectivity up to scratch? Whether you own a hotel, manage a hotel or provide IT services for a hotel, you know that guests come to you expecting clean and comfortable rooms, good customer service, and all modern conveniences, including the all-important, well-connected mobile signal. There’s no way you’d let your room standards slip, so why let your signal slip?

You might find yourself seeking solutions to poor hotel mobile signals, confused and unsure where to turn or how to resolve the issue, don’t fret.  At Sure Signals, we work hard to ensure you provide your guests with the best possible connection to the outside world. Providing Ofcom-compliant, high-quality UK hotel signal boosters to the public sector and hospitality industry, Sure Signals ensures a reliable signal for complete guest satisfaction. Gone are the days of guests gathering outside in the cold to make important business phone calls. You wouldn’t want a guest missing out on a deal because their client couldn’t reach them!

Improve guest’s mobile connectivity, get boosted, get connected today! Speak to our expert signal engineers for a free quote, use our online contact form found to the right of this page, or on our homepage. We’ll be in touch.

Why Your Hotel Needs A Mobile Signal Booster

The infrastructure of hotels, both old and new, often does not lend itself to good-quality mobile connectivity which usually means your hotel needs a mobile signal booster. Relying heavily on Wi-Fi signals can result in complete wifi overload and increased pressure meaning staff and customer needs are un-fulfilled.  Older hotels can have thick concrete or stone walls which prevents the ingress of mobile signal. Newer hotels are usually made from steel frames and have foil-backed insulation, which causes weak signals as mobile phone signals bounce away.

The issue lies with customers being unable to use the internet and make calls from their phones, resulting in frustration for both customers and staff. It’s imperative hotel guests stay connected to the outside. The last thing you want is negative reviews and feedback all because of an easily fixable connectivity issue, particularly if the hotel room wi-fi signals are weak in the hotel.

Hotel guests shouldn’t have to depend on neighbouring WiFi signals or external mobile signals. Just as hotels provide WiFi access points and ethernet cables for WiFi coverage, we can offer the same services but for mobile signals. Sure Signals will handle the installation of cables, access points, and repeaters to ensure a strong mobile signal throughout your hotel, benefiting both customers and staff.

For more information on mobile signal boosters read our blog here or speak to our team today via our contact form.


Fast, Reliable Mobile Connections for Hotel Guests

Our mobile signal solutions work for all network providers on all generations (2G, 3G, 4G & 5G). They are 100% network-safe and legal, so you don’t have to worry about any unwelcome visits or fines from Ofcom and there’s no need to worry about network interference with a hotel signal booster too. Our mobile signal booster solutions are simple, quick to implement, will be almost invisible to your guests, and are some of the most affordable on the market.

Sure Signal’s On-site Consultation & Installation Process

We will work with you from start to finish when it comes to upgrading or installing your hotel mobile signal boosters.  Our service, as standard, includes an initial on-site survey and consultation, where we will discuss:

  • coverage locations
  •  network coverage
  • installation process
  • equipment installation location
  • and answer any of your questions

We will provide a comprehensive survey report that includes frequency spectrum readings for both internal and external signals. The report will outline a plan of action to address any signalling issues your business may be experiencing. If you choose to proceed with the installation of a mobile signal booster, we’ll keep you informed at every stage of the installation process while our engineers explain their work and the expected improvements. Rest assured that you will receive the perfect signal booster for your business, matching your business needs and requirements. Experience a flawless installation process to ensure optimum mobile signal coverage for your hotel and guests.

Boost Your Hotel Mobile Signal

Already have a mobile repeater solution installed? Concerned about its connectivity or its compliance with regulations? We can help. For a free consultation and health check, contact us today and we’ll make sure your current system and its components are regulation-compliant. We’ll help in the case that your system is out of date too, building on the existing infrastructure and keeping costs down to a minimum. Ensure superior quality signal strength for your visitors, keep guests happy and your hotel running smoothly with Sure Signal.

Get Better Connected With A Sure Signal Hotel Mobile Signal Booster

We specialise in installing industry-leading mobile signal boosters for large-scale businesses. To find out more about us and our services visit our About Us page or visit our blog to learn more about how we can transform your guest experiences when it comes to cellular signals and connectivity for your guest’s mobile devices.  For further information contact [email protected] or call us on 07927283622 and benefit from a free consultation and quotation. Finance options are also available.

Sure Signal Solution

Sure Signal Solution

Quality Installations From
Experienced Engineers

Quality Installations From
Experienced Engineers

Provided Installation

We not only supply commercial buildings with the highest quality mobile network signal boosters, but we also carry out the installation ourselves. This is because we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services to all our customers.

Thorough Analysis

Our team of experienced engineers will begin by performing a thorough analysis of the black spots and weak areas both inside and outside the building. This helps us determine the optimal placement of antennas and boosters to ensure maximum signal strength.

Installation Plan

Once we have completed our analysis, we will provide you with an estimated cost for the installation of your Mobile signal booster. Once we agree on the cost, we then work with you to create an installation plan that takes into account your working hours and minimises disruption to your daily operations.

Hassle-Free Installation

Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free installation process and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact us today to learn more about our Mobile signal booster installation services.

Hotel Mobile Signal Booster FAQs

Learn more about hotel signal boosters and how they might benefit you.