BT Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile Signal Booster

BT Mobile continues to be one of the biggest mobile service providers in the UK, if you require a mobile signal booster for the BT Mobile network then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

BT is the largest provider of the network for home phones and broadband in the UK. With EE as the supporter of the network, BT has manifested a reliable connection for over five years now. Established through the MVNO of EE, BT started its services in 2014. Since then it has continued to grow and the network is now a valuable and accepted network carrier in the UK.

The vast majority of customers who signed up for BT are happy with the services; however, often there are times when the BT customers are found looking for signals. This can be observed when they are in the basement of a building, or on the periphery of an urban area. This always creates an impression that the BT network is slow and does not connect well. Upon investigation, we can often conclude that it is not just BT, but other network carriers face the same issue under the same circumstances.

What is the solution for a weak cell phone signal?

As mentioned above, all networks may face a weak and low signal issue when in the basement or a multi-storied building, so changing the network is not usually the solution. Firstly, we need to know why the reception is so poor in certain areas. The material used for the construction of the large buildings is usually such that it does not allow the signals to enter the building. Even the steel, the thick glass in any of the buildings will prevent the entry of the signal. Besides, if you are in an area that is far away from the range of the mobile mast, you will receive inconsistent signals.

Getting a BT Cell Phone Signal Booster is the only trustworthy and permanent solution for your 4G technology. A booster can be installed anywhere, from home to basement, to multi-storied buildings and farms too. The signal boosters come with amplifiers and antennas that strengthen the signals. After installation of the signal booster, you will no longer have any problem connecting to others through calls, messaging and with data transfer.

How Sure Signal Solutions Can Help To Amplify  Signal Strength?

Sure Signal Solutions is a company with great experience in designing amplifying equipment to suit your needs. We have ten years experience in this field and our experience is enhancing day by day. Our engineers carry out a detailed survey and give a cost estimation of the entire installation process. As a customer, we do not expect you to have the know-how of how the signal boosters work, thus, we provide a user manual after all the work is done.

We will establish the black spots and weak signal areas eliminating the need to move yourself around the building to get connected. Our equipment is designed and installed to ensure complete coverage.

FAQ’s for BT Mobile Signal Booster

1. Are Mobile Signal boosters different for BT and EE?

Since BT uses a network from EE, the signal booster it uses is the same as EE. However, the generation of the booster and that of the cell phone must be compatible. For ex. 2 G will not work with 4G. BT provides 4G connections and thus, boosters that support 4G and match up to its speed of connection must be used.

2. Are BT Mobile Signal Boosters Legal in the UK?

Yes, BT or Vodafone or 3 mobile Signal Boosters are legal in the UK. Sure Signal Solutions are Ofcom license-exempt and 100% legal. We are equipped with boosters for every generation and every location. We provide easy installations to amplify the signals wherever you want.

3. Is the signal for BT Mobiles good?

With BT using EE for the network, the signals are good and provide good coverage. BT is a very customer-oriented company and offers great signals for its users. It offers good speed, good data transfer, and low latency. Compatible with 4G, 3G, and 2G, customers can choose according to their needs. It is headquartered in London and operates in about 180 countries.

4. What are other networks that use EE?

BT Mobile, Asda Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, and Virgin Mobile take support from EE for their network. Thus, there are four MVNO’s. Thus, EE remains the best network provider in the UK.

5. Are there checkers for signals for BT?

Yes, with live checkers for signals for BT, you can check how good the signals are in your area. This allows you to decide whether you need a signal booster or a change in the network. Signal Checkers help you measure other network’s signals too, verifying the best one for you. Alternatively, it may flag the need to add a BT or (if you’re using a different carrier) a Giffgaff mobile signal booster in your location. For example, if you live in a multi-storied building, all the network carriers will have some issues, thus, helping you to stamp your choice.

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