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EE Mobile Phone Signal

Struggling with poor EE signal? Boost your connectivity with Sure Signal Solutions, your go-to experts for EE mobile phone signal boosters.

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EE are one of the most popular mobile phone networks in the UK, if you require an EE signal booster for a the EE network then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Accorded the Fastest Mobile Network Award in 2015, EE is the largest telecommunication service provider. Being a subsidiary of the BT Group, it is referred to as the most reliable network in the UK. Currently, it is offering connections to more than 31 million customers. Not only is it the most popular network carrier in the UK, but also is one of the finest ones. With connections ranging according to your requirement, EE provides 2G, 3G, and 4G services across the country. Allowing great speed and coverage, EE is a wonderful network but you may have singal issues or EE signal problems in your work place, we can help.

EE Sure Signal Booster

Despite the award, some EE users are reporting poor signal and slow internet speed we know that a signal booster box can significantly help. There can be numerous reasons for this; however, all these reasons cannot be attributed to the network carrier. You must be thinking if it is not the network carrier, then what is the reason behind a poor signal.

Poor mobile network coverage or reception can be due to the following reasons, even though you may be an EE user.

  • If you are in a building basement, you are less likely to get good signal strength. Also, if the building you are in has thick walls, the signal is less likely to reach you.
  • Secondly, your location also matters. If you’re amidst mountains or an area that has tunnels, your mobile reception will be relatively slow. You may even experience dark spots at some tunnels owing to the thickness and poor reach of the signals in the tunnel.
  • Lastly, the distance you are from the mobile mast and the obstacles between your phone and the tower affect the strength of signals.

After understanding these reasons, should you still hold the network carrier responsible for a poor mobile reception? No, but you may be interested in how poor signal issues can be improved, especially if it’s affecting your business. The signal strength can be improved by installing an EE mobile Phone Signal Booster. This will not just upgrade the signal strength, but also allow you to have a great internet speed even while you are amidst the mountains. Please fill out the contact form on this page to talk to one of our experts to get help with your network coverage.

How does the EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster work?

Signal boosters work in the most simplified manner, allowing you to make calls without barriers. The boosters need to be effectively placed and installed for maximum speed and call quality to improve mobile network coverage.

Boosters amplify the existing signals through antennas and rebroadcast them with more strength. This strength is enough for a flawless call quality as it minimizes black spots everywhere. Since we at Sure Signal Solutions offer a survey if necessary, the boosters are judiciously placed, such that there is clear, uncompromised signal throughout.

With all these common pre-requisites being met, you are good to go to install the EE mobile Signal booster in your home, farm, building, or office.

Why Sure Signal Solution?

Using mobile signal boosters from us will not just let you have a good signal strength indoors, but also outdoors. With the antennas covering the outside and the inside of the building or home, the signal strength that is broadcasted is much stronger. This enables the users to have a good browsing speed and a good call quality. So even if you are inside the boundaries of thick walls, you will be able to connect with others smoothly. With Sure signal solutions booster installed, you will most certainly have smooth communication using the EE mobile network carrier.

EE Mobile Signal Boosters FAQ