Virgin Mobile Signal Booster

Virgin Mobile Signal Booster

Virgin Mobile continues to be one of the biggest mobile service providers in the UK, if you require a mobile signal booster for the Virgin Mobile network then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

A subsidiary of Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile is also a popular service provider. Unlike other network carriers, Virgin Mobile uses network support from EE to provide its customers. With cell phones becoming increasingly popular among everyone in the UK, it is vital to have good connection, enhancing your consumer experience.

However, often Virgin Mobile Phone users face challenging times. Before trying to connect to someone, they have to try a few times before the call is finally connected. Sometimes, a delay of a few minutes is crucial in business and health matters as some decisions have to be taken instantly. In such a case, it becomes very frustrating for the consumers, and often these issues can send us towards a different provider. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that each time it is the network carrier that has to take the blame. Eventually, the same problems will occur with other carriers, if it is your environment that is slowing down signal, while you are trying to connect with someone. Before you incur a loss, you should use a signal booster for the network you are using. If you are using a Virgin Mobile, you may use a Virgin Mobile Phone signal booster for the same to enhance its connection.

How Do Signal Boosters work in increasing the signal?

Without further ado, if you have decided to get a signal booster, make sure you use a legal one. A legal booster is OFCOM license-exempt, making it 100% legal and reliable for boosting the signals. Sure Signal Solutions are legal in the UK and we will provide excellent service and installation of signal boosters in your homes, buildings, shopping areas, or even at your farm that may be a few km. away from an urban area. Through our services, we offer a systematic call flow and great speed for data transfer and downloads.

How Sure Signal Solutions install Boosters for Virgin Mobile?

As a company, Sure Signal Solutions work towards finding solutions for causes that hinder signal strength. The Signal Strength is boosted by positioning signal boosters that catch the weak signal, outside the building using one or more antennas. This antenna then transmits the signal to the indoor antenna with the help of an amplifier. As a consumer, you will only feel this process when by an improvement in your call quality and internet use. The signal strength can be boosted anywhere irrespective of the steel structures, or thick glass. Even the distance here does not matter and our boosters provide a great signal strength at farms too.

The process entails a survey by our skilled engineers. Our engineers locate the particularly weak signal spots. During the survey they find the most strategic locations for antennas . These antennas are placed inside as well as outside the building or house so that the weak signal can be amplified.

We aim to provide the most efficient time management. We consider your time important and accordingly plan the installation. If you are occupied at a certain time of the day, we accommodate your time request so neither your time is wasted, nor your business is impacted. This makes our services unique and personal for you!

FAQ for Virgin Mobile Signal Booster UK?

Are Virgin Mobile Signal Boosters different from EE?

No. The Tesco Mobile signal boosters  and signal boosters from EE and Virgin Mobile signal boosters are the same for the same services. If you have a 4G signal booster for EE, it will work for only 4G Virgin Mobile. It will not work for 3G Virgin Mobile as the frequency for 4G and 3G are different from each other. Also, the facilities they both provide are different. So technically, the boosters are different for different services, but not for the same services of EE and Virgin Mobile networks.

Can Signal Boosters be used outside ?

Yes, Signal Boosters can also be used outside . With antennas placed at a high point on a building where the signal is poor, you will enjoy smooth cell phone usage around that area. It is this that makes the signal boosters important as they strengthen the signals everywhere around where the amplifiers are placed.

Why is there a weak signal even when Virgin Mobile is powered by EE?

It is important to realise that a weak signal is not necessarily there because of its network carrier. Sometimes, even if you are using the best signal, you still may experience dark spots and slow call connections. It is due to various reasons, like the presence of canopy, buildings with steel structures, and thick glass, or multi-storied buildings and underground car parks that may disrupt the signal.

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