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Struggling with poor Giffgaff signals? Look no further! Sure Signal Solutions is your gateway to seamless connectivity.

We install industry leading mobile signal boosters for businesses and large organisations, please contact us through the form on this page, by email to [email protected] or call us on 07927283622 for a free consultation and quote. Finance is available.

Giffgaff continues to be one of the biggest mobile service providers in the UK, if you require a Giffgaff signal booster to solve your Giffgaff signal problems, then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you quickly.


Giffgaff provides a most convenient service to its users. It is aware of the usage of a mobile phone and the need for a fast connection, thus, it has 4G technology for its users, and we can provide the best Giffgaff mobile signal booster available. It is the MVNO that uses O2 for its network, thus giving almost flawless connectivity. Nonetheless, despite numerous corrections, there are still some times when the Giffgaff users complain about a poor signal.

mobile phone signal booster system

In the current time when everything is dependent on mobiles, and they have become mini-offices and schools, much more reliability is expected from the networks. But little do the customers know that the network providers have extended maximum methods to strengthen the signals. This has continued to showcase poor and weak signals.

When investigating the reasons, it has been found that many of the materials used in construction of buildings can block or weaken signals. This holds for shopping centres , factories, office blocks, basement/underground parking, and areas that are slightly away from the urban periphery. It is for these reasons that your Giffgaff mobile phone may not work well when you are inside your office. It is worthwhile to notice that the Giffgaff signals are poor when the tower is not within a specified range. To reiterate, we must assume that it is not the signal carrier that is poor in service. On the contrary, the above-mentioned reasons attribute to the weak signal and not the network carrier alone.

Improve Signal Problems With a Giffgaff Booster

If your way of resolving a poor signal is to change your location, open your window, avoid using other electronics that may hinder signals, then these are going to eventually frustrate you. To stand out and wait for signal lines to show on your cell phone is not the permanent solution to improve signal strength. The most reliable and widely accepted way to amplify the signal of your Giffgaff mobile network is none other than installing a Signal booster that aligns with your technology. This will provide better, frustration-free connectivity as well as data transfer. You will not have to move from your room to another location as your home, building, office, or farm will have good signal strength and low latency.

Choose for your network, a Giffgaff, or Vodafone or 3 mobile signal booster. Sure Signal Solutions provides giffgaff signal boosters that are complimentary to the technology you use. From 2 G to 4G we have boosters for all the generations that are equipped to boost the speed of your voice calls as well as browsing.

Why Sure Signal Solution?

When opting for signal boosters, as a customer, you must scrutinise its service and legality. Sure Signal Solutions is 100% legal and regulated by Ofcom. This makes it dependable, and trustworthy. The reason why we are a preferred signal booster company is the meticulous way that we function and operate. We do not install the signal booster after one visit only. We organise a survey of the location with poor signal. After understanding the requirement, and estimating the cost, we leave it on to you to make the final decision.

The kind of flexibility that we offer is not only unique but also offers you to discuss and consider the advantages of the signal booster before you get it installed.

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