3 Mobile Signal Booster

Three Mobile Signal Booster

Three Mobile continues to be one of the biggest mobile service providers in the UK, if you require a mobile signal booster for the Three Mobile network then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Currently, supporting 97% of the UK population, Three mobile Services are compatible with 3G network carriers. In fact they do not provide 2G services, you need smartphones that are compatible with the 3G network to use one of our Tesco Mobile boosters, for example.

Headquartered in Berkshire, UK, The Three mobile network was launched in 2003. Currently, supporting 97% of the UK population, Three mobile Services are compatible with 3G network carriers. In fact they do not provide 2G services, you need smartphones that are compatible with the 3G network. This makes this telecom network service provider a focused one offering more reliability for voice text and data transfers. Moreover, these services are relatively more affordable. The three mobile services are congruent with 2100Mhz frequency for a 3G service.

If you find that your Three Mobile phone has begun giving you call drops and issues related to data transfer, this usually means that the frequency is now lower than 2100Mhz. A lower frequency will not support 3G services in the best way possible as the speed decreases.

What should you do if the frequency of a Three Mobile has lowered?

If you are experiencing black spots and poor range even though you are using the UK’s best service provider, there is always an explanation for this lowered frequency. If you find that due to some new constructions locally, there is an obstruction in the signals, or if the mobile mast is not within the range, you will certainly face a connection issue.

For all these, there is only one practical resolution for these problems. Installation of a Three Mobile Phone Signal Booster is the perfect way to fix signal issues. With the services of Three Mobile just for the 3G users, its signal boosters are also designed accordingly. Three signal boosters UK are very affordable.

Does Sure Signal Solutions have Three Mobile Phone Signal Boosters?

With extensive and streamlined services in providing flawless connections through Signal Boosters, we at Sure Signal Solutions provide the best Three Mobile Phone Signal Booster. Being conscious of the service they provide, we have an expert team designing and installing 3G mobile signal boosters. This allows us to focus only on Three Mobile Service providers. Our focus includes not just installation, but after service too, as required.

Besides that, we keep a track of the number of users Three Mobile Phone has. With about 10 million active users of Three mobile, we have crafted signal boosters that match the frequency of 2100Mhz. So, irrespective of any obstacles, or range of the mobile tower, the signal boosters from Sure Signal Solutions offer uninterrupted call flow and scrupulous data transfer.

We provide a survey and an easy installation process that will not impede your daily work. We offer reliability and excellent after services too.

How Sure Signal Solutions Boost the 3G Mobile Phone Signal?

Through the survey that our engineers conduct, dark spots are found. Once these are tracked, the antennas are installed outside the building or house. We aim to place these antennas as high as possible so that they can receive better signals without obstruction. Once the antenna catches the signal, this then goes through the coaxial cable, intensifying the signal. This is done through technology-driven amplifiers. The amplified signal moves to the indoor antenna, finally reaching the device in use with a much better frequency. The process may appear lengthy, but all this is done in seconds, and the call you are trying to make becomes swift and clear.

FAQ’s for Three Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

What does Three use?

Three Mobile phones use 3G signals that have a wonderful frequency of 2100Mhz. This also means any old handsets that have GSM or 2G signals cannot be used if you are planning to take a Three Mobile Phone.

Will only my Three Mobile Phone with 3G service benefit from this?

A signal booster when installed offers a bandwidth capable of connecting many 3G phones at the same time. This means any other 3G service around you will equally benefit from this booster as it is not device-specific. Signal boosters are service-specific and a booster used for 3G will provide benefit for all the other handsets with 3G services.

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