Hospitals Mobile Signal Booster

The use of the internet in our hospitals as a technological asset to convey messages regarding any medical issue is more important than ever. If you require a mobile signal booster for a hospital location then please fill out the contact form on this page or on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Reason Why Hospitals Need Signal Boosters?

Often hospital walls are thick to avoid the noise reaching from one room to the other along with acting as protection from flood, fire and other natural calamities. When considering mobile signal we need to consider the reach of the internet connection throughout the building(s), that becomes progressively difficult due to  thick walls. Additionally we can face issues when the signal is usually lost traveling up and down different floors in hospitals.

The need for a reduction in Black spots or weak signal areas can be vitally important for Doctors and support staff. Obviously the need to communicate with another medical professional in case of an emergency is extremely important. In such a situation, a weak mobile signal could be a problem that causes great risk to a patient’s well being. An improved signal can allow quicker access to the patient’s data and test results. And one benefit we have seen in our hospital installation is is  expedited check-in times during rush hours, faster appraisal of patient condition, which results in quicker successful patient discharge as well.

A strong signal will enhance the transmission of large data files in case of MRIs, PET scans, and other medical records. Therefore the need of, for example, a Tesco Mobile Signal Booster for Hospitals can be great.

As much as it is important for the doctors and the staff to have access to a good signal, the patients also needs to have good signal to improve their experience. Safety of data communication is of huge importance today also and users have the added benefit of the patient’s phone not being linked to a Wi-Fi system.

A good signal will eliminate dead zones, dropped calls, and problem areas when friends and family want to connect with a patient. For those who accompany the patients and patients themselves, a good signal is a big advantage, our booster solutions can help all users within the hospital keep their connectivity needs addressed.

How Signal Boosters are installed?

Once the Hospital requests a Signal Booster, our specialised engineers will visit the site to carry out a survey. This gives our team a good idea of the infrastructure of the hospital  and  our engineer will examine different areas for signal and obstacles, and discuss where a signal booster can be installed. Once this understanding is attained, our team then generates an outline of how the signal boosters can be installed, and an estimated price is given. Once agreement is reached with Hospital admin/owner, the installation begins.

What do Sure Signal Solution use for a better signal?

Sure Signal Solution uses a passive distributed antenna system (DAS) for the zones in the hospitals where cell phones are allowed. This is done by using thick optic-fiber and brings the existing outdoor signal inside the premises. The reason why passive DAS is more suited to hospitals and not an active one, is due to the mobile phone restricted areas in hospitals such as radiology centers.

Why Sure Signal Solution?

With an excellent record of commercial setup, Sure Signal Solutions will deploy the best signal boosters to upsurge your network’s signal. The compatibility with all the network providers, and being license-exempt, makes our systems 100% legal in the UK. Therefore, it offers reliable signal boosters at the hospitals. Regardless of the mobile carrier, Sure Signal Solution use boosters at the hospital that enable strength in the signals.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Hospital FAQ’s

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