Digital Stress – Digital Detox, Habits And Conscious Choices

Digital Stress

There are many words for modern stress- technostress, information stress (overload) and digital stress but no matter what we choose to call it, we are all potential victims of stress related illness.

With unlimited possibilities of staying on-line, being constantly connected and available has become part of our culture.

Today’s society is characterized by stressful lifestyles and thus its citizens suffer from lack of attention, hyperactivity and constantly elevated levels of stress hormones.

Everything is constantly in motion, at all hours of the day, the wheel never stops spinning and we are being torn between living in the moment in the “real world” and keeping up to date with the digital world.

Because of this adults and children alike suffer from digital stress.

Anxiety, worry, problems with falling or staying asleep and diminished attention spans are all symptoms related to the overload that occurs when continually being bombarded with information and trying to sort through it all.

The human brain is a magnificent tool but unfortunately it is not designed for this kind of information overload. Some believe that the average human today is presented with more information daily than the average caveman was presented with in an entire lifetime.  This affects our working memory negatively, which in turn affects our ability to form and recall memories negatively, and also reduces our ability to focus on the tasks at hand, whatever they may be.

Technology is getting more and more integrated in our everyday lives and people have developed a fear of missing out (FOMO) and even addiction to the technology.

Before the age of mobile phones and e-mails there was a clear distinction between our work and our private life and we had natural stimulus-free breaks. When there was nothing that needed our attention we could just sit and philosophize, make small talk or just enjoy the silence. Now the line between work and private life has become blurred or even erased for some because they feel like they have to juggle both at all hours of the day.

The amount of people reporting in sick to work is increasing and a huge part of the increase is due to stress related illnesses.

It is time for us to take control over the technology and therefore we must all reflect and make conscious choices concerning how each of us want to approach the surge of information in the digital flow.

We think it is important that we adults are role models for the next generation, and therefore we need to stand for peaceful and cohesive structures, as a counterweight to all the information and stress that exists in society today.

Why should you come to Villa Insikt, Innansjön, Swedish Lapland?

Because, here begins the road to awareness and well-being.

Villa Insikt provides Digital Detox Camps all year round where participants get the chance to unplug, relax and just spend time with yourself and others who also feel the need to disconnect from the digital world for a while. You will engage in reflection, dialog and creative exercises like mindfulness and meditative walks, but also get to experience nature, silence and slow living.

You will get the chance to rest, recover and explore what strategy will work best for you once you get back home.

The climate in Swedish Lapland is subarctic and we have four fantastic seasons which contrast each other magically. During summer the sun stays up almost all night and during winter it barely raises at all.

Depending on what time of year you choose to visit you will have a completely different experience.

In spring the days get longer and longer each day and the sunlight makes the snow sparkle. You may try ice fishing or broiling sausages and making coffee over a camp fire.

In summer you may swim, fish or kayak in the lake next to Villa Insikt. You might just want to take a tranquil walk in the woods, listening to the birds sing at almost all hours of the day.

With autumn comes berries and mushrooms ripe for the picking. You can take meditative walks in the woods, look at the beautiful colours of leaves fading or pick a handful of blueberries and lingonberries.

During winter the nights are far longer than the days but the snow keeps the nights from becoming too dark. You might get to make a snow angel under the northern lights.

Whichever time of year you decide is most appealing to you, you will have an experience with nature and tranquil that for too few will ever get to do in this day and age.

Some of the activities are provided by Villa Insikt while others are available through third parties.

When there is no Digital Detox Camp planned it is possible to rent room Villa Insikt and take a nice vacation or just to get to work with no disturbances while still getting to experience the magnificent nature, silence and slow living.

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