O2 Coverage Issues? We Can Help Your Business

O2 Coverage Issues

A lot of people complain about the quality of their phone signal. Whether it be in your home,
your office or your place of work, a poor phone signal can be an extremely frustrating thing.

Important Calls Dropping?

Emails failing to send or simply just poor quality connectivity can
not only seriously frustrate you, it can also have a detrimental impact on your business or

A lot of the time it can be black areas or dark zones within the building which causes
this and sometimes signals cannot get in at all. If this sounds familiar to you or if this is
something you’re working to rectify, you’ve come to the right people. Sure Signal Ltd has a
wealth of experience improving phone signal quality in even the worst of conditions.

We work by installing a distributed antenna system which picks up available signals outdoors
and distributes it throughout the building in question. We consider no job too large or small
and we pride ourselves on working with some of the most reputable companies in the UK
while also serving our key workers in the NHS. Whatever the issue, be it commercial or
domestic, sure signal Ltd will strive to find a solution for you.

All of our Distributed antenna systems and signal boosters are capable of improving the
signal of the main 4 networks including Vodafone, EE, Three and O2. The other networks
available in the UK use the same frequencies as the ones I’ve mentioned above. If you’re
having O2 coverage issues, reach out to one of our expert staff and they will have a solution
to your issue.

O2, generally speaking, is one of the most reliable networks in the country,
they have a large number of base stations and their network speeds are excellent. However,
there are a number of other factors which may be causing you to have issues. An O2 signal
booster is an excellent option to rectify these issues but let’s first take a deeper look at what
is causing the problems before we fix them.

Sure Signal is a UK based company which specialises in the boosting of mobile networks.
We have staff with a wealth of experience and the team takes pride in providing a
professional service to our customers and clients. We have over a decade of experience in
providing solutions to a number of different clients with totally different issues. This provides
us with a proactive approach to each individual customer and their situation.

Our solution begins with a simple discussion with one of our project managers to get an idea
of what the issue is and what is causing the problem. The Project manager will ask you a
range of questions to get a better understanding of the situation before proposing a solution.
The next step is for our surveyor to visit the premises in question and provide the client with
a number of signal readings, obtained from the optimal place outdoors.

Once we know we have a signal available we then scope out the building and decipher what materials and
labour is required to perform the installation. Once our surveyor has completed the visit, he
provides your project manager with an itemised run down of materials, labour and costs.
Once this has been completed, you will then receive your survey report detailing the
situation and providing a quotation for the solution.

As no two jobs are the same in this field of work, we have bespoke systems for each project.
In rural areas you can find the situation to be a lack of external signal whereas in more urban
areas like cities, it can be the strain on the network from many users or the actual building
materials. We have worked previously on buildings with thick walls, heavily insulated and in
some new cases, slightly windows.

Buildings which house a lot of metal materials also find their signal to be lacking. Overall, the best thing to do is call us and let us discuss these issues with you and allow our surveyor to provide a solution for you.
With Sure Signal Ltd, you are guaranteed an OFCOM license exempt system, 100%
compliant with today’s regulations.

There are still a number of companies who refuse to move to the OFCOM compliant equipment so it is imperative while you gather quotes that you get the necessary documentation to ensure everything is above board. Needless to say,
Sure Signal will provide this for you before you ask.

Many older buildings in particular struggle to keep phone signals at an acceptable level, this
is caused mainly by the thicker walls and the materials which were used in the construction.
While the building may be structurally sound, its ability to be penetrated by signals was not a
concern at the time of building.

When we survey your building, we find the area which has the strongest signal and then
work our way around the building by finding an optimal home for the boosters (generally kept
in a riser or comms room) and work out necessary cable runs. The cable runs can be helped
significantly by available cable trays however, if this is unavailable we can work around this
and install our own.

Overall, we are happy to help anyone who is having difficulty obtaining or maintaining a
usable mobile phone connection. We understand the frustrations associated with this issue
and are always filling to help you find the best solution. Allow our team of experts to find the
best proactive action to ensure you can enjoy optimal phone signal at all times. Contact one
of our project managers today and they will talk you through our options and offer you days
for our surveyor to visit your premises. We organise these visits to suit you and strive to
make it a simple process for all.

Get in touch with us now and we will do our very best to ensure you never have phone signal
problems again. We’re also open to discussing the issue and hearing how you would like to
proceed with the solution.

Its as simple as this;
Contact Us – Call or Email one of our friendly experts
Discuss the Issue – Explain the situation and discuss solutions.
Arrange a survey – Find a date suitable for our surveyor to visit
Detailed Report – Receive your detailed report
Materials & Labour – Discover the materials and labour required
Pricing – Full itemised quotation detailing costs.
Installation Agreed – Agree a date for engineers to install.
Work carried out – Engineers implement the DAS
Sign off – Detailed installation report
Be a Happy Customer – Enjoy your phone signal without interruption!


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