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Does your business suffer because of poor phone signal?
Are you always dropping calls with important clients and customers?
Is there an OFCOM approved solution to these issues?

This article will answer all these questions and give you a solution to your phone signal issues. With a particular focus on what makes mobile signal boosters legal and illegal and which are OFCOM approved. All of the installations completed by Sure Signal Ltd are with OFCOM approved equipment so should you wish to skip reading this and speak to one of our project managers about your options instead, contact us today and we’ll discuss your options. Otherwise read on and learn more about the world of Giffgaff mobile signal boosters.

Mobile Boosters That Are OFcom Approved

The rules around signal boosters certainly saw a helpful change in 2018 with the introduction of OFCOM’s rules around signal boosters. Having always been a grey area, signal boosters are now in a position to be regulated and used properly with high quality equipment only getting their approval. In the space of time since the introduction of this legislation, only one company has so far been given the approval of OFCOM and became license exempt. This company is Cel Fi. We at Sure Signal are the UK resellers of Cel-Fi and the leading installers. We have worked along Cel-Fi and Frequency on many occasions and all kinds of different installations. So rest assured that when you deal with Sure Signal you are working with the most trusted company in the business.

EE Booster Box
The legality of signal boosters never stopped companies using different loopholes to install unregulated equipment in the past as the legislation preventing them didn’t come into play until 2018. This has left a number of businesses using illegal systems which are causing harm and interference to the networks. Should your business be using one of these outdated, illegal systems you run the risk of being contacted by an OFCOM inspector who will order you to remove the unit in question. Refusal to do so may result in a fine or in some cases a prison sentence, for non compliance.

Sure Signal has performed a number of upgrades to legal Cel-Fi systems for companies who had their non compliant systems turned off. If you are unsure if your system is legal, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assess the situation for you.

Business and Domestic Mobile Signal Boosters

The Cel-Fi range which Sure Signal provides has a system for every setting with the prime being suited to domestic homes and flats, the go-x and solo being primed for large scale, offices and most commercial settings and the Quatra being perfect for extremely large buildings and difficult scenarios. All of the above products are OFCOM approved mobile signal boosters which are totally legal to use in the UK. They are capable of covering every major network, namely O2, Vodafone, EE and Three with all the smaller networks piggybacking on the major networks frequencies so being covered also. 3G, 4G and all data and voice situations are also covered by the cel-fi signal boosters.

Being the first company to produce a signal booster which OFCOM were happy to approve, Cel-fi have spearheaded the market in this regard. Being license exempt with OFCOM ensures the users of Cel-fi boosters will face no legal ramifications with their boosters being totally above board, a sigh of relief can be heard across IT and facilities departments across the country. Sure Signal has installed signal boosters, legal for use in many places where previously an illegal system had been used. These clients were instructed by OFCOM to replace their existing system with a compliant one. With many of the clients happy to entrust Sure Signal with upgrading them a fully license exempt signal booster system with Cel-fi.

4G Signal Booster UK

So what are the rules around signal boosters that OFCOM enforces?

To quote OFCOM: “Repeater devices transmit or re-transmit in the cellular frequency bands. Only the mobile network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in these bands. Installation or use of repeater devices by anyone without a licence is a criminal offence under Section 8 of the WT Act 2006.

Any person found guilty of installing or using such devices without a licence would be liable on conviction to a fine of up to £5000 and/or up to 51 weeks’ imprisonment (Six months in Scotland and Northern Ireland). Cel-fi products are ‘Licence exempt’ and therefore you do not run that risk with this range of products” Further from OFCOM: “In the UK the use of any radio transmitting device is required to be either licensed or specifically exempted from licensing under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (WT Act 2006).

For mobile telephones, the use of the spectrum by the network operators is licensed to cover the use of transmitters and repeaters, while user devices (i.e. handsets) are covered by a general exemption.”

OFCom Approved Signal Boosters

This essentially means that OFCOM are enforcing the rules that the 5G signal boosters do not interfere with the networks, they remain within the license conditions and be automatically configured to individual networks. Cel-Fi is the only company who have been able to gain OFCOM’s approval.

Want to know more about the options available to you? Contact our expert staff today who will assess your situation and recommend the best course of action and the best OFCOM approved mobile signal booster for you.

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