10 Easy Fixes To Improve Poor Mobile Phone Signal

10 Easy Fixes To Improve Poor Mobile Phone Signal

A poor mobile Signal is not only frustrating but disappointing too. Personally or professionally, a poor signal leads to numerous issues. However, these issues can usually be resolved if we follow these basic steps.

1. Charge The Battery of the Phone Before It Becomes Critically Low

As soon as you make or receive a call, the phone begins to look for signal from the mobile phone mast near you. This requires more battery. However, if the phone battery is low, then it becomes all the more difficult for it to find the signals. Subsequently, your phone signals appear weak. So whenever the phone battery is low, it is best to turn off the additional apps and use the battery saver. Additionally, you can decrease the brightness of the phone screen and close all the background apps. Also, while traveling, you should carry a portable mobile charger to help alleviate Poor Mobile Signals.

2. Position of The ell Phone

The primitive models of mobile phones and televisions came with an external antenna and usually held signal well. However, with the internal antennas now, the position and the way a mobile phone needs to be held have become significant due to the internal antennas. Although not all the phones are affected by their position, it can be beneficial to keep the phone upright such that the antennas get strong signals.

3. Large Population

As we know, when a large number of people are using mobile phones in the same area and at the same time, the network carriers tend to throttle the data just so that everyone can get the basic internet speed. Apart from this, due to excessive usage and peak time usage, often the network carriers face downtime. A more open, spacious area will give you better signal strength. This will help you obtain the strongest Mobile Signal strength available to you for your calls.

4. Changing Places of Objects That Hinder Mobile Phone Signal

Just as your voice fades if obstructed by a wall or other objects, the mobile phone signal also becomes weak. This is due to the Large buildings between the mobile tower and your handset. So the closer you are to the mobile mast, you are less likely to face a signal issue. At the same time, if you are inside a shopping mall that does not have Mobile Signal boosters, you will face signal issues. During such times, it is often noticed that people rush towards a window or on a higher floor where the signals can easily be transmitted, making the calls disruption-free.

5. Femtocells

With advancing Mobile Technology, we are getting more creative with our solutions. One such creation and optimal use are through Femtocells. These transform the internet connection into signals. These devices come with a broadband connection and additional expense for the user.

6. Signal Boosters

No matter which network carrier you have opted for, you may still be dealing with a weak signal issue. This issue can be easily rectified by installing a 4G signal booster UK. These come with external and internal antennas and a system of amplifiers. With the help of an amplifier, the outside antennas convert the weak signal into a stronger one and deliver it to the internal antenna. This is how the signal boosters work. Moreover, they are legal in the UK and are widely used for various locations, including the urban peripheries and basement areas. Mobile Phone Signal Boosters are proven to greatly increase mobile signal in homes, Factories, offices, shopping centres and many large buildings.

7. Decreasing the Distance Between You and The Mobile Phone Tower

By identifying the nearest mobile tower near you, you can understand how much signal strength you can expect. This will help you understand your network and the signal available to you in a specific area. Understanding this, you can work on it by moving closer to the mobile phone tower.

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8. Mobile Data is On

If you use mobile data for sending and receiving data, make sure it is on. This works best when you are traveling as the data is easily downloaded and uploaded when this tab is on. Additionally, you can check the phone’s Airplane mode too. If that is on, you are not likely to receive any calls. So switch that off unless of course you are required to do so.

9. Use Wifi Signal

If you have wifi at home or office, you may use that to make calls and download and upload data. This is much faster and will empower you to do everything at a faster pace. However, this is not possible if you are traveling and are away from the wifi network. In such cases, you can use mobile data.

10. Update the Mobile Phone/Software/Apps

When you find your mobile phone slowing down not just for calls, but also while using apps, you may need to install the updates on the mobile phone. This will increase its speed and will lower its latency.  These are tricks that you can do and follow religiously to have strong signal strength. As a user, you do not need anyone else unless the installation of boosters or femtocells is required.


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