Poor Cell Signal?

Today, we’re living in a world where the mobile device has become an important aspect of our life. From bank account to health status, everything is available on your mobile device. And to access this online data we need a strong and consistent network. But most of the time the signal goes down is due to natural causes, singal traffic,  geographical changes and a number of other reasons. Wondering what are the possible reasons behind poor signals?

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of all possible reasons behind poor signals for you:

1. Cell Signal Traffic:

Cell Signal traffic is a situation where a large number of people are trying to make a call or text at the same time. All of these signals will fight for space at the nearest cell tower. This surge or increase in traffic will cause slow speed and dropped calls. Mostly, it happens during a celebration festival (New Year) or concert or at a particularly crowded area where the number of cell towers is reduced.

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2. Distance between you and cell tower

The farther you go from the cell tower, the weaker signal you’ll get. Could you hear me? Oh what did you say? I can’t hear you! Please repeat that,  mostly heard in rural areas, or in a desert or vast landscape where the nearest cell tower is too far away from you.

3. Natural Obstruction

Trees, mountains and bad weather can also affect your cell signal. If your home or business location is surrounded by forest or in a mountainous area then, the likelihood of poor signal is higher.

Bad weather such as heavy rain, snow and high winds may also affect your coverage.

4. Building Material

The construction material of your building, car, place you live or work and shopping centers can  affect the coverage of your cell signal. The building material is one of the main reasons in the UK for poor signals. You may notice that the strength of your signal is low when you’re inside a room but once you stand at a window or door you start getting better coverage. This happens because of the material of your room or house.

5. Battery of your device

Your device needs the energy to make a connection with the cell tower. So low battery is also one of the reasons behind poor cell signal.

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6. Blocking the Antenna

Gone are the days when the device has an exterior antenna. Nowadays mobile phones have an interior antenna. If you don’t know where it is, then you may block the antenna and chances of poor signal are higher. The placement of the antenna depends upon the model of the device. If you do a little research then you’ll be able to find it.

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