What is Wiredscore?

wiredscore rating

If you’ve heard of Wiredscore you might be wondering what it is?  Put simply it’s a way of assessing an grading a building’s capability for being effectively wired to the internet and the rest of the world. We live in a digitally-dependent world. It’s essential that the buildings we populate are digitally linked. WiredScore Residence proves that your structure is totally tech-ready, able to satisfy your business or homeowners’ digital demands.


Just how durable and safe is your digital facilities? Is there a backup fibre entrance point, and also protection against damages or flooding? In other words, just how ensured are your occupants of uninterrupted broadband?  Wiredscore takes all this into account. 

Future Preparedness

Does your electronic infrastructure have the adaptability and ability to adjust to new technology? Can your lessees be certain that their building is as future evidence as can be?


Does the mobile coverage stretch into every edge of the home? Exactly how about the basement parking garage? Is the structure 5G ready, and otherwise, what plans remain in area?

Selection of Service Providers

There are several high-speed fibre companies to choose from? More choice indicates more affordable prices, and also provides your occupants a possible backup if one solution goes down. Having a solution like this will improve your score, demonstrating that your building is  robustly connected to the internet. 


Why get Wiredscore certified? 

Drive Rental Worth

The internet is an essential part of contemporary life. WiredScore proves the electronic capacity of a home or larger building, and also therefore increases its leasing value. A WiredScore-certified house assures a high degrees of electronic connectivity– a true advantage to a building as users depend upon not simply great, but a wonderful connection.

You Can Make Your Assets Future-Proof 

During the Wiredscore certification procedure, their operations team will identify enhancements to assist future-proofing your building and minimize the need for pricey retrofits. As soon as you get accredited, their suite of reporting tools will certainly keep you abreast with new innovations and trends so you can constantly remain one step in front of the competition.

Your electronic framework is an essential component of your building structure and has a substantial effect on the building’s worth, both currently and also in the future. By ensuring your residential or commercial property has the versatility to adapt to new technology, you can guard against obsolescence as well as add lasting worth to your investment.


Initially, Wiredscore evaluate your current situation regarding the structure of your building and installation of utilities etc.  and give a thorough report on your digital facilities to highlight valuable possessions as well as possibilities for improvement. They will additionally recommend a  WiredScore qualification level for your development, based on the implementation of suggested renovations. Audits are typically a four-week process.


WiredScore’s highest-awarded mark confirms that a building fulfils phenomenal requirements for the top quality of its wired facilities, durability, as well as wireless network. To attain Platinum condition, a building must attain a predefined technological degree or more during the evaluation process.


WiredScore Gold makes sure that a building has the connection ability for virtually any type of user. Any building attaining WiredScore Gold is seriously impressive and also has actually a proven capability to stay up to date with the electronic demands of modern-day life.


WiredScore Silver shows that a building contains business-critical connection features. The most frequently granted score, WiredScore Silver indicates that a building can please the substantial bulk of the locals’ technology requirements.


A WiredScore Qualified structure proves that it is of satisfactory levels of digital connectivity. To achieve WiredScore Licensed standing, a structure should be digitally capable to meet most of locals’ technical needs.

Under Certification

A WiredScore Under Accreditation building is going through the certification procedure as well as is yet to be granted with a WiredScore accreditation.

Once licensed, you can begin advertising your building’s WiredScore to increase your residential or commercial property’s account and start attracting homeowners. The process is repeated every 2 years


Woredscore seems to offer a great new way of understanding the technical capabilities of a building for owners and users/residents.  This could be extremely useful for many people going forward and we at Sure Signal Solution will certainly be keeping our eye on them!





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