What is WiredScore?

If you’ve heard of WiredScore you might be wondering what it is?  Put simply it’s a way of assessing and grading a building’s capability for being effectively wired to the internet, how strong a mobile phone signal there is within the building and other aspects of a building that effect the lives and jobs of the people within. We live in a digitally-dependent world. It’s essential that the buildings we populate are digitally linked. WiredScore certification proves that your structure is totally tech-ready, able to satisfy your business or homeowners’ digital demands. Buildings have energy efficiency ratings for insulation etc., now they have WiredScore Certification for digital connectivity.

We at Sure Signal Solution provide a range of WiredScore services including surveys and accreditation as well as installation of mobile signal repeaters to ensure a great connectivity score on your accreditation. Use the contact forms on our site or ring us today to learn more!

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Just how durable and safe is your digital facilities? Is there a backup fibre entrance point, and also protection against damages or flooding? In other words, just how ensured are your occupants of uninterrupted broadband?  Wiredscore takes all this into account.

Future Preparedness

Does your electronic infrastructure have the adaptability and ability to adjust to new technology? Can your lessees be certain that their building is as future evidence as can be?


Does the mobile coverage stretch into every edge of the home? Exactly how about the basement parking garage? Is the structure 5G ready, and otherwise, what plans remain in area?

Selection of Service Providers

There are several high-speed fibre companies to choose from? More choice indicates more affordable prices, and also provides your occupants a possible backup if one solution goes down. Having a solution like this will improve your score, demonstrating that your building is  robustly connected to the internet.

Why get Wiredscore certified?

Drive Rental Worth

The internet is an essential part of contemporary life. WiredScore proves the electronic capacity of a home or larger building, and also therefore increases its leasing value. A WiredScore-certified house assures a high degrees of electronic connectivity– a true advantage to a building as users depend upon not simply great, but a wonderful connection.

You Can Make Your Assets Future-Proof

During the WiredScore certification procedure, their operations team will identify enhancements to assist future-proofing your building and minimize the need for pricey retrofits. As soon as you get accredited, their suite of reporting tools will certainly keep you abreast with new innovations and trends so you can constantly remain one step in front of the competition.

Your electronic framework is an essential component of your building structure and has a substantial effect on the building’s worth, both currently and also in the future. By ensuring your residential or commercial property has the versatility to adapt to new technology, you can guard against obsolescence as well as add lasting worth to your investment.


Initially, WiredScore evaluate your current situation regarding the structure of your building and installation of utilities etc.  and give a thorough report on your digital facilities to highlight valuable possessions as well as possibilities for improvement. They will additionally recommend a  WiredScore qualification level for your development, based on the implementation of suggested renovations. Audits are typically a four-week process.


WiredScore’s highest-awarded mark confirms that a building fulfils phenomenal requirements for the top quality of its wired facilities, durability, as well as wireless network. To attain Platinum condition, a building must attain a predefined technological degree or more during the evaluation process.


WiredScore Gold makes sure that a building has the connection ability for virtually any type of user. Any building attaining WiredScore Gold is seriously impressive and also has actually a proven capability to stay up to date with the electronic demands of modern-day life.


WiredScore Silver shows that a building contains business-critical connection features. The most frequently granted score, WiredScore Silver indicates that a building can please the substantial bulk of the locals’ technology requirements.


A WiredScore Qualified structure proves that it is of satisfactory levels of digital connectivity. To achieve WiredScore Licensed standing, a structure should be digitally capable to meet most of locals’ technical needs.

Under Certification

A WiredScore Under Accreditation building is going through the certification procedure as well as is yet to be granted with a WiredScore accreditation.

Once licensed, you can begin advertising your building’s WiredScore to increase your residential or commercial property’s account and start attracting homeowners. The process is repeated every 2 years.


WiredScore seems to offer a great new way of understanding the technical capabilities of a building for owners and users/residents.  This could be extremely useful for many people going forward and we at Sure Signal Solution will certainly be keeping our eye on them!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

If you have a commercial property and are considering adding a Wi-Fi system, you’ve probably heard about WiredScore. But what does it really do? The process is simple: A building owner initiates the process, and a WiredScore team will evaluate the building’s technology infrastructure. WiredScore will consider the experience of tenants in the building, as well as reliability, power of choice, future-readiness, and security. They then provide a rating that helps building owners rent out or sell their property.

As part of its mission, WiredScore certifies commercial office buildings worldwide. The organisation is an independent, global body that rates the quality and resilience of digital infrastructure in buildings. Founded by architect Arie Barendrecht, WiredScore now has certified more than 80 million square feet of space and 2500 buildings. In October 2015, it launched in London, where it won a tender from the Greater London Authority. Other countries include Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Commercial buildings certified by WiredScore are eligible for a Platinum certification. This designation means that they have excellent connectivity for their tenants and meet minimum WiredScore standards. The Platinum certification, for example, is awarded to buildings with best-in-class connectivity, including multiple service providers, high infrastructure redundancy, and security. Platinum certification is also awarded to buildings that have high connectivity and are prepared for future tenant needs.

What does WiredScore gold mean?

When you ask your tenants, “What does WiredScore gold mean?” they’ll likely answer that they have high-quality broadband connections, high-speed Internet access, and other technologies. However, many people don’t know how to determine their WiredScore gold rating. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to get an idea of your building’s WiredScore, and how it compares to others.

WiredScore certification is an independent benchmarking system for digital connectivity in buildings. It measures how connected a building is to the internet, so it can meet the needs of tenants and landlords. Buildings that are certified with WiredScore have superior digital connectivity, making them more efficient and valuable. There are four different levels of WiredScore certification, WiredScore Gold is the second best certification level.

To become a WiredScore certified building, the building must meet minimum standards. Depending on the type of business, a building can receive Silver certification, Gold certification, or Platinum certification. The gold level is reserved for buildings that are able to meet the connectivity needs of modern tenants and have adequate infrastructure for future upgrades. WiredScore Gold certification is an added benefit for buildings with high-profile tenants.

What is WiredScore Platinum?

The WiredScore platinum certification is a mark of trust among progressive landlords and tenants. Certified buildings meet high standards for fibre optic availability and internet connectivity. These buildings have superior infrastructure and will support any future upgrades. WiredScore Platinum certified buildings are capable of supporting the needs of their current tenants and have safeguards in place to minimise connectivity failure risks. For more information, visit

Those who are interested in the brand’s digital infrastructure can ask their landlord to get a WiredScore as high as possible. This will enhance their property’s marketability and attract great tenants. Ask your landlord what characteristics of the infrastructure are important for high-quality connectivity. High-quality connectivity means multiple fibre providers, diverse entry points, power backup for telecom carriers, and ease of access. WiredScore platinum is an internationally recognized certification that signifies the highest level of digital connectivity.

The latest achievement by Hines’ Salesforce Tower Chicago is the highest certification in the industry. This 60-story, 1.2 million-square-foot office tower is certified WiredScore Platinum. This is the highest certification in WiredScore, proving that this building’s connectivity meets exceptionally high standards. In addition, the project will offer maximum redundancy, and multiple internet service providers will support tenants’ connectivity requests.

In addition to certification of individual buildings, the WiredScore system also certifies commercial office space in nine countries and 160 cities. The WiredScore certification has been used by the Google Building, the Empire State Building, the Willis Tower, and the Shard. In the Pacific Northwest, the U.S. Bancorp Tower is the only Platinum-certified building in the state. The WiredScore system is a point-based certification, and the WiredScore Platinum rating reflects the building’s overall connectivity.

Who Owns WiredScore?

As a result of an investment from Fifth Wall Ventures, the company that owns WiredScore acquired a majority stake in the company. WiredScore rates the technological infrastructure of commercial buildings. Jared Kushner co-founded the company in 2013, and he has an equity stake in the company of between $5 million and $25 million. Kushner also serves as an advisor to the company, and he assumed his position with the Trump administration earlier this year.

The company’s vision is to make every building connected to the Internet. Its brand combines a vision for better building connectivity with a commitment to innovation. The company has committed to SmartScore certification in 61 buildings across Europe, and its investment will allow it to further grow geographically and vertically. This will provide credibility and confidence to a sector that is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. The WiredScore certification process focuses on the technology infrastructure of a building, and it enables developers to assess a building’s digital capabilities for future-facing smart features.

WiredScore is the company that owns the Wired certification. It is a digital connectivity rating system for commercial buildings that provides insights to landlords about the infrastructure in a building. WiredScore works with 450 forward-thinking developers and landlords globally, and its certified buildings serve over 4 million people. WiredScore is the company behind Wired Certification, which has become an internationally recognized standard for the digital infrastructure of commercial buildings.

What is WiredScore Certification?

Buildings that have WiredScore certification have better internet capabilities and mobile phone signal are considered more reliable by tenants. Building owners should consider the needs of tenants when evaluating the internet capabilities of their building. Providing building Wi-Fi and fibre backbone can also improve a building’s WiredScore score. WiredScore technicians can confirm the location and condition of the cabling and equipment. They can also assess the building’s internet connection and other high-tech telecom amenities.

When the WiredScore certification scheme launched, it was focused on the New York City market, but has since expanded globally. The WiredScore brand is instantly recognisable. The logo, made of a digital lattice, is a representation of the built environment and the intertwined Ws for excellence. The WiredScore certification symbol has been accompanied by a suite of flexible graphic assets designed with a similar aesthetic, which ensures an impressive brand presence.

Commercial office buildings with WiredScore certification can be proud of their high technology systems. These buildings boast cutting-edge computing software, the best pixels and the clearest sound. In fact, WiredScore-certified buildings are highly adaptable to new technology, enabling them to keep up with the latest trends in technology. WiredScore-certified buildings can be videoconferenced with anyone in the world, or with any of the three Alvine Engineering branch offices across the US. With just two simple steps, guest’s can enjoy high-speed internet connectivity and get great work done!

The WiredScore certification is an independent standard for commercial buildings. It measures digital connectivity and ensures that the buildings’ internet infrastructure are ready for future technology. Buildings that earn WiredScore certification are a better choice for tenants. The WiredScore certification seal is the first step in promoting the building as an internet-connected space. If you’re looking to sell or lease a commercial property, WiredScore certification could be the key to your success.

What Do WiredScore Do?

A building connectivity rating system called WiredScore is an attempt to drive better connectivity in buildings. It is a helpful way to align industry standards, and improve people’s understanding of a building’s usability. But is it necessary to increase building connectivity? Mayor Bloomberg was ecstatic about the idea of a digital connectivity rating system, but many are questioning the utility of using market forces for this purpose. After all, how can a building be judged more effectively if the building is not connected to the internet?

The WiredScore accreditation process begins with a request from the building owner. The WiredScore team will then evaluate the building’s technology infrastructure to determine how well it can support its tenants’ needs. The process takes between 45 and 60 days. WiredScore assesses the building’s overall connectivity, tenant experience, and reliability. WiredScore also examines security and future-readiness.

In addition to certifications, WiredScore has its own independent digital connectivity benchmark. It is the first of its kind to assess the digital connectivity of buildings, allowing landlords to make better decisions on how to invest in their properties. WiredScore is already responsible for certifying more than 400 million square feet of commercial office space in North America, and more than 2,400 buildings worldwide. With its smart certification program, WiredScore has firmly established itself as the benchmark for digital connectivity in commercial real estate.

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