Why Is My 4G So Slow?

why is my 4G so slow

There are many reasons your 4G might so slow. Here you’ll find a breakdown of the reasons and what to do about it.

Fixing Slow 4G

1) Clear your cache.

Your phone’s apps and services will automatically build up a cache over a space of time.
This cache can significantly slow down your phone’s system resources. There are numerous
apps which are designed to clean your cache and remove all the unnecessary data from
your phone. Alternatively, you can empty your cache by clearing each app individually, both
are fool proof ways of speeding your phone up and ensuring a smoother experience while
using it.

2) Network settings.

One common reason for why your phone’s 4G is slow or non-existent is because of your
network settings. The majority of phones are set up to automatically connect to the fastest
and most reliable network however it is worth checking your settings to ensure that your’s is
working optimally and set up correctly. One common reason for no 4G is your phone being
pre-set up to only use 2G and 3G, this can be changed in settings. It’s simply a case of
ensuring the internet technology with the best results is activated. If this fixes your issues,
brilliant! If not, read on and we can look at a few more reasons.

3) Using an old SIM card

If you’re using an older model of phone or if your SIM card is outdated, this may be where
the problem lies. Speak to your network representative and see whether you are using an
older generation SIM card. It may simply be a case of upgrading this to a 4G compatible

4) Ads

Not only are those ads which pop up on your internet browser or apps, very annoying, they
may be having a detrimental effect on the speed of your phone. They not only use up lots of
data and 4G speed, they also eat away at your battery life, something equally as infuriating.
This can be rectified by using an ad blocker or by ensuring all background refresh etc is
turned off.

5) Background Refresh Apps.

One part of how your phone works which not everyone is aware of, is the capability of your
apps to refresh in the background while you aren’t using them. This eats away at your data,
your battery and equally your 4G connection as it is continuously using your phone without
realising .
Still no luck?

This is a number of reasons why your 4G may be slow, however if these options above
haven’t rectified the situation, it may be a case that the 4G signal you are picking up is
lacking in strength and speed. Don’t worry there is still a potential fix to the situation.

There are few things more frustrating than trying desperately to get a connection, whether it
be to send that important email for work, or just to message your friends, when it doesn’t
work it can be disheartening when you have spent so much on the phone, the top ups or the
data deals.

One of Sure Signal’s main solutions is to provide commercial and domestic
customers with boosters to improve your signal in your home, office or place of work. It picks
up the strongest signal available outdoors, usually on a high point like the roof and brings it
inside so your days of going outside or to the window to send a message are over.

Are Sure Signal Boosters Legal?

Sure Signal only supply OFCOM compliant, legal to use signal boosters for 4G issues. You
can rest assured knowing the solution you obtain from us is not only extremely high quality
equipment but also 100& above board. For many years there was a grey area around the
boosting of mobile networks but since 2018’s OFCOM updates there have been a number of
companies able to provide legitimate solutions due to the changes in the equipment and the
guidelines provided.

They work by using the strongest signal available outside and
distributing it throughout the building in question. The main reasons for poor in-building
signal is building material such as thick walls, tinted glass and insulation along with a
number of other factors including, tree lines, being in a dip or just being in an area with poor
network signals. All of this can be rectified with a sure signal booster solution.

Sure Signal ltd provides a number of services aimed at improving the quality of phone
signals in buildings throughout the UK. We use an external antenna to pick up the best
signal and cable it to the booster and internal antennas to distribute the signal provided. By
installing one of our systems in your building you can be assured that you will be able to
make calls, use data and have a positive overall experience with your phone. Something
which is becoming more and more important in the age of connectivity.

Which 4G networks can we boost?

Our signal boosters at Sure Signal can boost each of the 4 main carriers individually.
Vodafone, O2, EE and Three are the main networks in the UK and our systems can work on
all the frequencies these networks use. This means regardless of which network you use, we
can find a solution for you. If you don’t use one of the big 4 networks, don’t worry others
such as Giff Gaff & Tesco mobile are all carried on the frequencies of the main networks.
This means they can be boosted also.

Will my 4G booster work when 5G is fully released for use?

2021 has seen a major increase in the amount of 5G signals being rolled out. The 5G
network is going to be the fastest generation of dta we have ever seen. It is expected for 4G
to remain alongside it like in the case of 2G and 3G in the past. There is no materials
available at this point in time to boost 5G signals however it is expected that it will be a
simple upgrade when the time comes. For now though, you can enjoy excellent network
internet speeds anywhere with a 4G signal booster.

Should I wait for a 5G booster?

There is no timeframe as it stands for this technology to be developed. As 5G is still only
being rolled out fully, it may be years before we have adequate ofcom compliant 5G
solutions. It would be worth working with a 4G one in the meantime until a time where a
suitable booster for 5G is available.

Now that you understand how to boost your 4G signals you will no longer need to ask “Why
is my 4G so slow?” By both trying the original options or by contacting us to provide a
solution you can rest assured knowing that there is a potential fix to all your connectivity
problems. As 4G is effectively the internet your phone works off, by boosting it you’re
providing it with the optimal speeds to use.

Contact Sure Signal Ltd today if you have any questions surrounding boosting your slow 4G
signal and one of our expert staff will be more than happy to help you find a solution


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