WIFI and 4G Boosters

WIFI And 4G Boosters

Ask 100 people and at least 80 will agree that mobile phone signal is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. We need to use our phones, they’ve become an integral part of our lives; our family lives, social lives, even our work lives. They’re a huge contributor to our feeling of safety and wellbeing. So if things aren’t well then clearly we need wifi and 4G boosters. 

The infrastructure for mobile phone networking has expanded exponentially over the last two decades. There are masts to cover more area, masts to cope with capacity and population density, and masts to broadcast 5G in our cities and towns. However, while external signal levels are better than ever, internal signal levels are getting worse and worse. 

The largest culprit, unfortunately, being efficient building materials. Steel frames, foil insulation, and tinted windows are marvels of engineering, making our homes and offices warm for less, last for longer, and renewable materials allow us to take steps towards sustainability. The opposite side of this is that a lot of these materials block phone signal from penetrating our new buildings. You could have full signal outside, but as soon as you step indoors your phone swaps to “emergency calls only”. 

In the past the only way to fix this was to call one of the major networks and ask them to install some boosting equipment that would provide signal for that network throughout your building – at a huge cost. Or, if you didn’t have tens of thousands of pounds to splash out just to get one network, you had to sit in the one place in your house or office where you wouldn’t get cut off on a call.

Thankfully for everyone there have been loosenings in the laws around phone signal equipment that means you don’t have to rely on Vodafone, O2, EE, or Three to carry out installation work for you. You can contact a company like us, Sure Signal, to carry out all that work. We can provide you with signal for all major network operators (those four above) and all virtual network operators (Tesco, Virgin, GiffGaff, etc) – all completely legal, professional, and guaranteed.

So if your business is suffering from poor mobile phone signal. If you’re in the construction industry and want something extra to offer your clients. If you run a hotel and the guests are complaining that their phones don’t work. If you’ve just built the house of your dreams and have to go out into the garden to call your friends to brag about it. Call or email Sure Signal today to arrange for a free estimate or a site survey.

Additional Information:

What is WIFI?

Many people are curious about what WIFI is and how it can help them with their daily life. By understanding what WIFI is, you will be able to get your email on your desktop or laptop, check your sports scores online, or even connect to a landline telephone. These are only a few of the many benefits of this new technology.

To begin with, what is WIFI is actually a wireless network technology that lets devices like computers, phones, and other smart devices connect to another device like a computer or router without the need for wires through which to do so. However, that does not mean that WIFI is the same as simply the internet, though. It’s just one of those newer ways for you to connect to the web. In fact, WIFI hotspots have become extremely popular in recent years, particularly in areas where the only way to get high speed internet connection through your phone company or a cable company is through a wired connection via DSL or a cable modem.

The problem with old style phones and mobile devices was that they could not receive or send the proper signals to get connected to a computer or router. This problem led to them becoming very popular with people who had access to a high speed internet connection like those who used to use their cell phones while traveling or staying at a location where dial up internet wasn’t available. In short, by the introduction of wifi signals in the early 2021’s, people were able to keep up with their busy lives and still keep in touch with others. It also helped that the companies that provided this service came up with the term WIFI to describe this technology. This is how you know that what is WIFI has something to do with your WISP (wireless internet service provider).

What is 4G?

This question is important because this technological evolution promises to deliver enhanced connectivity at an affordable cost. It was first announced by the leading telecommunication carriers in the world such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin America in 2021. This new technology is still relatively expensive but people are beginning to realize the benefits it offers.

A quick definition – ‘4G’ is an abbreviation for High-Speed Digital Linking. It is an advanced form of mobile broadband, which supports various services like streaming high-definition videos, streaming real time audio, and downloading full HD content on the move. In simple terms, it is a short term evolution in the field of mobile internet. The term actually originated from the industry term ‘Gigabit WiFi’ which is used to describe the same technology. Later, the term ‘4G’ was introduced for enabling standards to be set for high-speed mobile broadband connection. This high-speed connection offers ultra high data transfer rate and features like voice calling, streaming video and various other internet uses at an affordable price.

What is 4G is a feature-rich mobile phone service which offers various communication services at a better value. For instance a consumer may get access to the latest maps, live streaming video, music and other media files, high-speed internet, games and social networking facilities. However, it does not mean that the user will experience all these things at the same time. It is important to note that ‘4G’ can never be called the final standard of mobile communication because there are several other players who are offering their versions of services which are also meeting the expectations of the users. Hence, one should keep in mind the importance of being well informed about the latest technologies like What are 4G and its various versions to get the best from it.


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