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The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has shown us more than ever how important communication is with more and more relying on their smartphones more than ever. With the return to the office imminent, it may now be the time to get the poor signal that has always caused dropped calls sorted even if you need a large building mobile signal booster. While it may be a case that the return to the office for people in rural areas and places with no signal can go back to enjoying good signal at work, this isn’t the case everywhere.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installers

There are a number of factors that cause poor phone signal, but it’s fair to say, most built up urban areas are quite good for signal. It’s sometimes a case that other buildings are blocking the nearest base stations, or the materials of your building are unfriendly to phone signal penetration. In this article, we will look at the options available to you for a virgin mobile signal booster installation, to finally rid your business of poor phone signal. Do you keep wondering what you can do to boost your bad phone signal?

There are a couple of different ways, which are suited to different situations. Large buildings may require a hybrid distributed antenna system with a number of units whereas a small office may only need a small one network DAS. It’s all dependent on the size and scope of your building and the overall layout coupled with your requirements. At Sure Signal we look at each job individually and provide a quote for a bespoke system fitted perfectly to your needs. If you’re losing calls in the office, have blackspots where signal is nowhere to be found or if your business relies on communication and having phone signal we can help.

Industry Leading Signal Booster Installers

At Sure Signal Ltd, we install distributed antenna systems to provide in building phone signal solutions. A distributed antenna system works by using an antenna externally to pick up the nearest base station’s phone signal; we normally do this from a high point on the building, like the roof.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installers

This is because 99% of the time the phone signal available is strongest further up. Unfortunately it isn’t viable to go up to the roof every time you need to make a call! Once we have picked up the signal with the external antenna, we then run coaxial cable to carry this signal to the signal booster itself. The signal booster picks up the signal and distributes it to internal antennas which have been cabled to the booster. This will provide your building with a solution to your phone signal issues.

As we mentioned previously, the size of the building is dependent on how many antennas, boosters and the amount of cable required so contact one of our expert staff today and discuss your options and the best course of action. Not all companies will use the same network and not all workplaces can function on a single network.

That’s why at Sure Signal we can provide solutions for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 major networks, including an O2 Boostbox . It’s also worth mentioning that the smaller carriers use one of the 4 large network frequencies so are covered by the system also. At Sure Signal all of our equipment is fully OFCOM compliant and license exempt. We are resellers of the only brand acceptable for use in the UK, Cel-Fi and have performed a number of installations in collaboration with and
on behalf of Cel-fi.

What causes poor phone signal?

Poor phone signal can be caused by any or combination of a number of different factors.
Building Materials – A common reason for poor phone signal in a building, is the materials used in its construction. Many older buildings in particular have problems with phone signal penetrating their thick walls. Sometimes buildings will use foil insulation or slightly tinted windows which are both known contributors to bad phone signal. A lot of new builds recently, while excellent for ratings and costs are unfriendly to your phone signal.

Your area – A lot of rural areas in particular suffer with poor signal. This is down to the less frequent placing of network base stations. Another contributing factor is the landscape, with mountains, hills and trees interfering with signal. In urban areas and more built up areas, a lot of the issues arise from other buildings in the way with the signal struggling to travel through these buildings.

In domestic settings, a distributed antenna system can be a simple and effective way to improve your signal and sometimes you won’t need an installation as the system will be so small it can be installed easily. In commercial settings and larger buildings however, it is imperative that you get a professional service provider like Sure Signal to install your equipment. Businesses rely on their employees seamlessly communicating with their clients and customers so need a system capable of withstanding both the number of users and the area in question.

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