Best Mobile Phone Signal Booster For Metal Building

metal building

Metal buildings are particularly difficult to maintain a phone signal in. This is because metal
is one of the biggest hindrances a building can have to signal getting inside. The metal acts
as a barrier and blocks the phone signal from any chance of penetrating inside. Metal is only
one of many building materials which directly influences no phone signal, other reasons can be
thick concrete walls, foil insulation, the actual layout of the building and in some cases with
new builds particularly, slightly tinted windows in hotels etc.

At Sure Signal we stock and install a number of repeaters and signal boosters which are all suitable for metal buildings, all dependent on the size and scope of the structure in question. We will go through the options available to
you and assess which system is most suitable for your phone signal situation. When it comes to phone signal boosters in the UK, only one brand is considered legal, Cel Fi. Cel Fi produces high quality boosters to improve phone signal and Sure Signal are proud to be resellers. We have also worked alongside Cel Fi installing systems in some of the most
reputable companies and premises in the UK. Check out our happy customer & case study section for more information. OFCOM are the regulators of this market and in recent years have become extremely strict on the rules surrounding signal boosters. In some cases fines can be imposed should you choose to ignore their requests for removal of non compliant equipment.

This has been seen more and more regularly since 2018 when OFCOM introduced their latest legislation. Always be careful when purchasing signal boosters that they are license exempt or compliant with OFCOM and they are OK for use in the UK as there are a number of websites selling illegal, replica models for very low prices. What they
won’t tell you is that they aren’t illegal to sell but illegal to use, therefore leaving you, the consumer, with any OFCOM issues which may arise.

Cel Fi certainly changed the game as far as in-building mobile coverage is concerned. It has
some of the most advanced technology and is continuously striving to improve the standard
of their equipment with the latest update expected to include 5G compatibility, only months
after its release worldwide! The smart boosters which Cel Fi produce are the best solution on
the market as a whole and the only option as far as the UK market is concerned. OFCOM
have put their trust in Cel Fi as they are proven to have no impact on the networks and are
known to tick every box which OFCOM requires for compliance. To quote OFCOM

“Repeater devices transmit or re-transmit in the cellular frequency bands. Only the mobile
network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in these bands. Installation
or use of repeater devices by anyone without a licence is a criminal offence under Section 8
of the WT Act 2006. Any person found guilty of installing or using such devices without a
licence would be liable on conviction to a fine of up to £5000 and/or up to 51 weeks’
imprisonment (Six months in Scotland and Northern Ireland). Cel Fi products are ‘Licence
exempt’ and therefore you do not run that risk with this range of products”

Further from OFCOM: “In the UK the use of any radio transmitting device is required to be
either licensed or specifically exempted from licensing under the Wireless Telegraphy Act
2006 (WT Act 2006). For mobile telephones, the use of the spectrum by the network
operators is licensed to cover the use of transmitters and repeaters, while user devices (i.e.
handsets) are covered by a general exemption.”

The above quotes from OFCOM legislation is the reason why there is no option but to use
the license exempt equipment produced by Cel Fi as the law prevents any others from
being compliant. The Cel Fi range of boosters are all designed with different situations and
buildings in mind. The full range of signal boosters has solutions to all different types of
buildings from small apartments, flats to large offices, factories and commercial buildings.
Cel Fi equipment has been installed in a number of different places by Sure Signal, to get a
closer look at our happy customers case studies click here.

Signal Booster

Cel Fi boosters achieved their status with OFCOM due to the high quality of their products
and the way in which they operate. They are designed to increase phone signal in-building,
with a gain of up to 100db on all 3G, 4G and 5G frequencies. Not only are they the best
quality, they don’t affect the networks, have proven to have the best results and like
previously mentioned are fully legal to use in the UK.

Cel Fi SOLO – Particularly strong gain of 100dB, this unit is designed for areas with poor
available signal strength and for difficult installations with limitations. It is the strongest Cel Fi
unit and works by distributed antenna system. It is perfect for a metal building as it is that bit
stronger than its rivals. It can cover a space of 1500m2, depending on the amount of
antennas needed.

Cel Fi GO-X – The Cel Fi GO-X is the unit which paved the way for legal signal boosting in
the UK. It has been installed on many occasions and works exactly like a SOLO, providing
signal through a distributed antenna system. It is also suitable for use with a metal building
as it also uses 100dB of gain to increase the signal strength indoors. The GO-X uses
intelliboost signal processing to provide customers with the best quality network available.
Cel Fi Quatra – The Cel Fi Quatra is designed for use in buildings of up to 200,000m2 and in
some cases above. The quatra uses a hybrid distributed antenna system to increase the
phone signal indoors and used predominantly in building on the larger scale or in places
where cable run is limited. The Quatra is suitable for use in metal buildings also, it would be
used in larger scale installations.

If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact our friendly staff who
will be happy to help. With years of experience installing distributed antenna systems for
phone signal all over the UK, Sure Signal is the trusted option for many of the UK’s leading
companies, having provided them with bespoke solutions to phone signal issues. Increase
your connectivity today


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