No Phone Signal, What To Do?

To be without our phone seems like an impossible thought. If you are working from home or using it for online workshops / education purposes, you will in all probability look for the best network carrier. Sometimes, even with that, users tend to see ‘No Signals’, making it logical that having a good network isn’t enough. But as a user what more can you do other than buying a plan from the largest selling network in the UK? Here is what you can do.

Signal Booster

If the issue of having a poor signal, or no signal is recurrent, mobile signal boosters are the best way to improve your signal. These amplify the signals so you don’t have to rush to a nearby window each time you receive a call or wish to make a call. You can enjoy a steady connection and enjoy every minute of your phone call. The antennas that are installed inside and outside the premises amplify the signals by magnifying and rebroadcasting them. You can install them at your home, mobile signal booster for office, workplace, shopping malls, corporate buildings, hospitals and schools & universities too.

Nonetheless, if you find that the signals get lost only sometimes and the issue isn’t frequent, you may check the following and try to regain the signals.

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Phone Settings

It may sound surprising to you as you have not made any changes to your phone settings and still you are asked to check them. Technology! Technology! This makes the changes! How? When the software is updated automatically, this also updates the operating system. When the operating system is updated the phone settings are also changed as new versions are available. Or during this update, if a bug enters, that also changes the phone settings, showing no signals on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to change the settings to the previous settings and you will begin to see the signals again.

Sim Card

At times when you place the phone or throw it lightly on a soft surface, the sim card gets displaced. This loses the signal on the handset. You got it! You simply need to take out the sim card and place it back carefully to receive the signals. Make sure you handle the phone more carefully the next time.

De-shaped Phone

When we say de-shaped, we do not mean an overtly crushed or a bent phone. Due to over usage or pliant body of the phone it may have bent slightly. You can check that by keeping it on a flat surface. If found bent, you may try to straighten lightly. But if the bend is deep, you may need to get this repaired at the service center around you.

Formatting & Restoring

Over usage of the phone and the RAM may cause the phone to slow down and intermittently show no signals. To resolve this problem, you can format and then restore the data. As a user, you must get this done by a technically sound person so that you do not lose any information that could not be restored. There are chances that some content from the phone is not restored, hence, do it under the supervision and carefully take the backup for all.

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Phone Case

Although phone cases are made with compatible materials, some handsets do not operate well with them. If the signals have dropped after covering the phone with a cover, you better not cover it! opt for a thin cover that may not hinder the antenna from getting the signal.

Account Settings

Our busy schedules make us forget to pay the bills, and don’t fret if you haven’t paid. Once you pay the bills, you may begin to see the signals again!

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