DIY Ways to Increase Mobile Signal in Offices

DIY ways to Increase Mobile Signal in Offices

Your office can be the focal point of all your business. An office must continue to have good Mobile signal strength. A good signal allows faster decision making, faster processing, more efficient customer survive and thus, greater profits. However, due to various reasons, including the building material or the location of the office, far from the cell phone tower, the signal strength may be poor. Nevertheless, once the reason for this is established, Mobile signal boosters can be installed to greatly improve signal strength.

Apart from Mobile Phone Signal boosters, there are some Do-It-Yourself hacks that you can try for better signal strength. A good signal will alleviate your frustration and you will feel happier in your workplace. Let us look at some of these;

1. Check Your Cell Phone Settings

Once the software on your phone is updated, the signal strength will be better too. This update is usually from the manufacturer and requires you to update the software for smooth functioning and better signal strength.

2. Close The Background Apps

Apart from what you use in real-time, it is advised that you close all the apps running in the background. This increases the signal strength and the download and upload data speed increases.

3. Move To a Higher Location

When you move from your ground floor to a higher floor, you will experience better signal strength. Moving into the open sky helps as the obstructions decrease and you can enjoy the calls. Alternatively, you can move near a window in the office through which you can improve the signal strength.

4. Declutter Your Office Space

Keep your office space minimalistic. Remove all the artificial plants from near the windows and allow the signals to make its way in. When you cover the windows with glass and further decorate them with huge pots, the signals tend to weaken.

5. Wifi Usage

Use Wifi in the office along with the wifi calling feature. This will ensure better connection throughout the premises. Make sure you chose the best network carrier so that you get strong signals. Moreover, a lot of people can be connected on the same wifi, so if you opt for larger bandwidth, the Poor Mobile Phone signal issue will cease to bother you, at least while you are in the office.

6. Remove The Cover of Your Phone

Removing the cell phone cover also helps in receiving signals and allowing you to make calls without any hindrances. The cell phone covers may block the inbuilt antennas, resulting in poor signals. Much unlike the past, where the antennas were outside and could not be covered, the handsets today have become sleek with inbuilt antennas. Although these are strong, a thick cover may disrupt the signals.

7. Check The Sim Card For Any Damage

A cell phone receives signals through its sim card. If the sim card is wrongly placed or is damaged, there will be no signal in your phone. Make sure you check the placement of the Sim card. And while you are doing that, you may also clean away any dust, as that may also obstruct signals.

These are ways that can help your  signal so that you can continue enjoying the calls and data downloads and uploads. Apart from this, if you are opting for a signal booster, make sure you opt for legal ones that are OFCOM-approved.  In no way you must opt for cheap options that are fake as well as illegal. These are offered through many e-commerce sites and you must be wary of these.

For best, uninterrupted signal and happier staff  at your Office Building, installing signal boosters becomes the best and the most effective way to get rid of poor signals and bask in the glory of strong signals.


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