Why UK Hotels Need Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Mobile phone signal which is something taken for granted in this day and age. Never have hotels relied so heavily on technology, connectivity and communication in general, and now hotel signal boosters. Therefore, a poor phone signal can in some cases be extremely frustrating. The reliance on phone signal hasn’t happened overnight, it’s only in the last 20 years in particular that we have seen their use skyrocketing. Mobile Phones started out in humble beginnings almost 40 years ago, originally designed to make calls on the go, we have seen their development over the course of the last few decades lead to 5 generations of data and voice communications and an advancement in the phones themselves to the smart phones we see today.

In the early days, very few people were able to avail of mobile phones, and those that could rarely enjoyed consistent coverage and ease of use, it couldn’t be further from the case today with almost the entire UK being covered by mobile phone network coverage. This however doesn’t help in-building problems which may arise from issues away from the networks themselves.

With the recent release of 5G technology, we see the fifth generation of mobile networks being used. The changes have been monumental and the phones we use today are no longer just simple call making devices, they are today seen as literal handheld computers. Their capabilities continue to rise and with this so does the reliance on them. Many companies would be unable to function without a consistently strong phone signal for their employees to avail of. With each generation of technology being released we have seen an increase in the speeds and efficiency they can achieve. Almost 90% of adults in developed countries use a smartphone on a daily basis and this is another reason why the reliance on such continues to rise.

When it comes to UK hotels, phone signal can be considered essential. With the rise in popularity and use of mobile phones which we have already identified, never before has it been more important for hotels to be able to provide full phone signal and excellent WiFi facilities, to avoid being left behind by their competitors. As we have already ascertained, signal is imperative to maintaining communication through these devices. With many hotel guests being there for business or work related reasons, a good phone signal will be needed for their needs to be met during their stay.

Another reason why some business related individuals rely on phone signal in their hotel suites is because many WiFi connections aren’t suitable for transferring sensitive company files. With hacking and other forms of malicious actions becoming more common many business professionals choose to use the secure data the networks provide over WiFi. Hotels also benefit majorly from conferences and company think-ins which are regularly held in hotels up and down the country. For a hotel to be considered a top candidate for a business’ conference to be held there, many companies ensure that the phone signal is strong enough to continue their business operations from the hotel with minimal disruption. A poor phone signal can cause many important calls to be missed and many important files to be delayed. For a hotel to have a conference room which is booked out regularly, an investment in connectivity can sometimes be the smart move.

The Solution – UK Mobile phone signal boosters for hotels

Since we have come to accept that a solution needs to be found to poor phone signal in hotels for a smooth customer experience, let’s look at the options available:

It is common to see people gather outside the doors of large buildings like hotels and other commercial buildings, simply to make a call. This is because large buildings in particular can struggle to maintain a reasonable level of phone signal. This can be down to any number of factors including the layout and the materials used in its construction. These materials can directly affect your building’s ability to achieve phone signal and leave hotel guests unable to use their phones. There are a number of ways to fix this problem however, and Sure Signal are the people to help.

Sure Signal have installed OFCOM approved, license exempt mobile signal boosters to many hotels and commercial buildings across the UK, click here to take a closer look at some of our case studies and see for yourself the difference a Sure Signal solution has made to some of the most badly affected buildings in the UK for phone signal. Phone Signal isn’t always on the list of priorities for a hotel manager until they get complaints. They may have the best service in the business, with friendly staff, good food, clean rooms but a lack of phone signal can leave their customers disgruntled. Phone signal quickly becomes a priority also should conferences and hotel revenue be influenced as a result.

Using a distributed antenna system, Sure Signal has provided some of the UK’s best hotels with perfect connectivity and phone signal. An example of this is the recent installations at the Doubletree by Hilton Westminster & The five star, exceptional Nomad hotel. Each customer has different reasons for wanting the solution installed, but both had the same reason for needing it, a lack of mobile signal. The Hilton in Westminster saw a large increase in the amount of business related stays and reacted to the complaints about poor signal quality the minute it became an issue. The Nomad hotel however, wanted to provide its customers with the highest standard of service they could and therefore always aim to improve in any way they can. The Nomad also installed a separate system for their staff to use which ensures seamless communication between departments and a smoother worklife for all employees.

A distributed antenna system works by using a tactically placed external antenna to pick up the best available signal in the area. Signal is generally better in areas which are built up as they have more access to base stations. Once a signal is received it is the cable to the OFCOM compliant, license exempt mobile signal booster which in turn is then cabled to the internal antennas to distribute the signal throughout the building. This in building solution is the most commonly used hotel signal booster however there are other options should your building not be suitable to this kind of system or should it need a hybrid DAS instead. Sure Signal will send a surveyor to assess your hotel and they will then generate a report with the best solution and course of action to the phone signal issues. If you would like to discuss a hotel signal booster or if you would like to find out more details about anything mentioned in the article above, please contact us today and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to provide you with the best advice and plans.

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