10 Ways to Improve Vodafone Signal Strength

10 Ways to Improve Vodafone Signal Strength

Keeping pace with modern technology is of great importance to any business. In a scenario where a single online post can make create huge profits for a business, it is important to be working at the same speed as the latest technology. Additionally, a lot of businesses are actually run 100% on the internet. Thus, the need for using a flawless internet connection is vital.

If you have been using Vodafone as your network carrier, and if poor signal has taken a toll on your patience as well as your business, you need this resolved. The first and foremost thought that crosses most minds is the change of network. To clarify, this usually doesn’t work as the Reasons for Poor Mobile sSgnal is more often not the network carrier. If you have been using Vodafone, you must be aware that it uses the best available facilities to upgrade to a level where the signal strength is maximised. A poor signal cannot be attributed to the Vodafone network as it ranks no. 3 in The UK, after EE Network and O2 Network. The major reason for a bad signal for your Vodafone device or any other network is the reach of the signal to the handset. The reasons are numerous, including the distance from the mobile tower, the material used to construct Large buildings and other obstructions that may be coming in the way of signal, and you.

As mentioned earlier, the need to be with the state-of-the-art technology, Vodafone has ventured in Mobile Signal Boosters. So before we understand the ways to improve the Mobile Signal, let us know

What are Vodafone Signal boosters?

Vodafone Signal Boosters are amplifiers that bring to you the improved signals so that none of your communication is hindered. The amplifiers and a kit constitute antennas and amplifiers that work in areas where there is no signal or where there is a weak signal, such as basements, farms, universities, and hospitals.

What are the ways to improve Vodafone Signal

Before beginning to think of installing Signal boosters, you may check the following steps to boost the signal of your Vodafone network.

  1. In your smartphone, look for the settings tab. In that tab, click on “mobile+GSM”. Followed by this, you must set the Data roaming option to Don’t Roam and alongside from the drop down menu, change the connection speed to 4G. Now press the back button and go to the “Access point” and click on Add icon. A prompt asking for connection name will appear. Name that as ‘Vodafone 2’. Set APN to – portalnmms and finally save these settings. This will improve the Vodafone Signals.
  2. Presence of other Electronic devices: As we all know that electronic devices have electrical waves. If your room, office or home has many of these, the chances are that these waves will obstruct mobile signals from reaching you. For best results, whenever you are using your phone, you must go away from the electronic devices so the waves won’t bar you from a smooth call or browsing.
  3. Wi-fi calling: Vodafone proffers this feature, but to avail of this, your handset must be compatible to support this feature. Using this feature will allow seamless communication. Additionally, you can use Skype, or WhatsApp calling if your wifi speed is adequate.
  4. Phone Signal Map: Whenever you plan to upgrade your handset model with Vodafone as your carrier, it is sensible to check the phone signal map. This will ensure whether buying a new handset that supports 3G Network or 4G Network is Worthy or not. Through the map, you can deduce whether in your area the services for the mobile generation you are planning to opt for are good or not. This will at least save you from investing in a new model.
  5. Restart your phone: At times, when the phone antennas work hard to find the nearest signal from the nearest mobile mast, they simply give up. This means they show no signal. In such circumstances, it is best to switch off the mobile phone and reboot it again. You will be surprised to see the network lines this time. So no more complaints to the Vodafone network, when the solution is simple and easy.
  6. Open sky is the best solution: Yes, although often inconvenient to move outside, but how about some walking while you talk on the phone. Get your circulation flowing and heart rate up and just be at ease while you go out in the open or your garden to enjoy good signals. However, in case of bad weather, this may just not work, but hey, signals are often lost in bad weather conditions anyway! So enjoy the good weather and the call while you can! While trying to establish a connection your phone battery will be overworked, therefore, remember to keep our phone well charged.
  7. Shift rooms: Commonly, some part of the house has a great signal and the rest may frustrate you while you continue to say ‘Hello’ the Nth time until your throat gives up. Before that happens, just move to a convenient room in your home or office where you can seamlessly make and receive the call. If one of your rooms isn’t getting Vodafone Signal, chances are, no other network carrier will have it.
  8. Hold your phone correctly and if required remove its cover too: While it may sound foolish, this works! With most phones having an inbuilt antenna, we unknowingly suppress the signals when the phone is held incorrectly. Removing the phone cover works wonders for signals.
  9. Change the APN Settings: Access Point Name abbreviated as APN apprehends that packet data network which the users want to communicate with. Thus, connecting the two. APN is a requisite making certain that the mobile phone is connected to the internet. Therefore, wrong APN settings and correcting them helps in boosting Vodafone Signals. The APN settings differ from mobile to mobile, that is android and I phone users will have different ways to change the settings.
  10. Signal Boosters: Although a host of equipment and a slightly costly way relative to others mentioned, this is a permanent solution for your Vodafone Signal Strength. Using a booster amplifies the existing signals, and works smoothly even if you are at a farm, or outside the periphery of the mobile mast. The reason why this works best is the antennas that are placed outside and inside. These are connected through the amplifiers. So when a signal is sent from the outside antenna, it reaches the inside antenna and is amplified on its way through the amplifiers.

There are many benefits of using a Vodafone mobile signal booster. If you want your work to be smooth, this is one of the legal and the best methods to opt for.


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