How to Boost 4G Signal Strength indoors?

How to Boost 4G Signal Strength indoors

The use of mobile phones has seen a vast increase in the last ten years. A lot of people and businesses have opted to upgrade to the 4G network because of the increased data usage. This may be because of work, online classes for children, and just the general need for high speed internet in our lives. With the entire UK equipped with great network and coverage, the signal strength has, however, been in question sometimes even for 4G. The increase in mobile masts  have not been able to work on the 4G coverage issues the network carriers promise.

But there are many reasons for this. Is it the network carrier that is not fulfilling its promise? Or are there other technical issues with this? After relevant and thorough research it has been found that the network carriers are not usually at fault. They have and continue to work towards better customer services by providing a good network for all its customers in the UK. This great service is not limited to one network carrier, but all the companies have upgraded their facilities and have been outstanding in giving better signals.

What hinders the signals in the UK is the infrastructure and the building material, the distance from the mobile mast, and sometimes it’s underground basements where the signals do not reach. It is indeed a matter of delight that although these problems exist, there are very easy solutions to bring the 4G signal  indoors, or into a basement. Let’s see what are the steps that will boost the 4G mobile signal strength.

1. Signal Booster

Using a signal booster can amplify the signal. This amplifies the signal outdoors and using a network of amplifiers and antenna, we can draw the stronger signal indoors. This works wonderfully even if you are in the basement of a shopping mall. Although, for commercial complexes a stronger Mobile Signal booster is used, for homes, a signal booster is enough as it allows 4 users/numbers to be connected to it at the same time. Signal boosters can be connected to all the network carriers. For 4G, you must get a 4G Signal Booster as 4G is not compatible with 3G Network or any other generation of mobile and vice versa.

2. Holding The Phone Correctly

The way a phone is held also plays an important role in getting strong signals. A lot of phones that come with an inbuilt antenna need to be held with the antenna on the top of it to catch signals. Otherwise the inbuilt antennas do not catch the waves, resulting in numerous call drops and a lot of disturbance in receiving the calls. If holding the phone upright does not help, as a user, you need to figure out the right position so that it results in no attenuation in the calls.

3. Software Options

Facing constant call drops is extremely frustrating and quick action needs to be taken for your business. For this, some software options are available. By software, we mean applications, such as Skype. This is the VOIP option where the mobile and landline rings whenever there is a call on Skype. Secondly, if you are working indoors most of the day, you could set up a call forwarding option on your phone phone. Any call that you receive could be forwarded to your landline number so you don’t have to face a poor signal or a call drop now and then.

4. Getting a New Handset

If you are using a 3G network and expect a speed like the 4G, the solution is to buy a new handset. A new handset that can support 4G data will be equipped to process the data inputs and outputs faster. If you are using an old handset, then whether you are indoor or outdoor, the speed shall be affected and signal strength will remain as promised for the particular generation. With all the network carriers in the UK now having 4G as well as 5G Network, thus, it is safe to purchase a new handset that supports 4G seamlessly.

5. Use a Hotspot

Many network carriers have a hotspot option to be used indoors. Purchasing a hotspot device will be beneficial if your movement is restricted to a certain range. If your range is quite far, this option may not work. However, if you are indoors for a large part of the day, this option is successful and prevents little or no call drops. Moreover, the data speed is equally good when you use this indoors.

The digital world has made everyone ponder over the connections and the generation of the network they use. With many options available to augment the signal strength for 4G, the above listed are successful and easy to implement.


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