3G Signal Booster Guide 2021

When mobile technology radical changes take place, it brings with it new vistas to explore. 3G Network was one such technology that was launched in 2003 in the UK. Three was the first 3G provider in the UK then. Watching videos and speaking on a video call with friends and family may now seem common, but these were the revolutionary advancements of the internet that mesmerized us all. It sounded magical to be able to see someone through a call even though the person was in a different country altogether.

3G’s  Speed

All the ‘magical things’ were possible because of the speed that 3G bestowed upon its users. With a speed of 7.2 Mbps for downloading and 2Mbps for uploading, one could seamlessly stream videos and enjoy all the internet had to offer. It was 3G that opened us to a world of information and that brought the world closer together.

With the advent of 4G Network and 5G Network, the 3G Network speed may not attract you any more, but it was one of the most sought after generations of the network during and many years after its launch .

Even today, one wants to save on the mobile phone battery, they switch over to 3G as it takes up less battery allowing your phone to live longer when required. Moreover, it is always a standby option when your 4G network is not working. In fact, a lot of the UK population still uses the 3G network.

It may not be widely used for those who use the internet for business, as 4G’s speed is more and for them, 3G has been gradually phased out . However, it was a constant in  our lives until 2012, that was when the 4G was launched.

How is 3G Different From 4G

When you know the direction to your destination, all you need is speed to reach your destination.  All the generations of networks that we use today are better than their forerunners in terms of speed. Thus, in the fast-paced world where page views, conversion rates, e-commerce websites are preferred if they are fast, the speed of a mobile network is definitely one of the most vital parts.

This is the major difference among all the generations of mobile. With 5G far more superior in speed it has the ability to connect devices, whereas 3G and 4G could connect humans through various mediums. The speed of the 3G network is a maximum of 21Mbps and that of 4G is a maximum of 300Mbps. With that kind of difference, you can gain more information rapidly and have faster access to any website.

It is important to mention that all the networks that are being launched now have a much higher speed and ability to perform many more operations than the previous generation.

Are Signal Boosters Needed For 3G?

Before you read ahead, let’s understand the use of a booster. A signal booster is a device (a few pieces of equipment)that enables any place to be brimming with signals. A place that will have a signal booster will have no black spot and is likely to have constant messaging tones and mobile phones ringing. This place can be somewhere outside the city or can be a Factory Basement, or a multistoried building made from glass or steel. The smooth signal in such areas where usually customers complain of the poor mobile signal is possible due to the installation of signal boosters that amplify the signals and take your browsing a notch higher when you can flawlessly speak to someone on the other side of the call.

Having understood how low signal spots are covered using a mobile phone signal booster, it is essential to have one with a 3G network. Countless obstacles  that one may face while trying to connect to someone, or slow data download, or upload can be overcome by using a signal booster. Your distance from the tower also can be covered when you use signal boosters as the amplifiers strengthen the signals, making them reach you through the antennas that are installed.

Services That Can Be Accessed If You Are Using a 3G Network

A latitude for voice-centric applications came into being only after the launch of 3G. If you have a 3G smartphone, you have a confluence of a Television and a Personal Computer in one.  Those who have and are currently using 3G will know what this means and how beneficial this is. Using  3G, one can utilise the following services:

  • The advantage of using multitudinous services including data, video, and voice are possible with 3G.
  • Entertainment, if you like short videos with far more intense information, then 3G is good enough for you.
  • Switch in your location and benefit the location-based services using 3G network
  • Instant messaging, and Multimedia services are easily accessible through a 3G network.
  • Global access with navigation using the maps
  • Needless to say, web surfing.

If all these services are being fulfilled, you can safely continue to use 3G without any fear of using obsolete technology.

FAQ’s Related to 3G

Q1. How To Connect To 3G Internet?

Ans. Once you have subscribed for the 3G plan, it is your service provider who will activate the services for you. You will not have to do anything specifically to connect to the internet, except switching on the mobile data using the drop-down on your screen.

Q2. What Is The Download Speed of 3G?

Ans. 7 Mbps is the download speed for all 3G users. If there is some kind of hindrance in specific areas, and the speed tends to become lower, you may install signal boosters that will increase the speed and your experience as a 3G user.

Q3. With The Advent of 5G, Will 3G Continue To Work In 2021?

Ans. 3G is here to stay, so No, with the launch of 5G, 3G will not disappear and you can continue enjoying the services, just like you did when 4G was launched.

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