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EE Booster Box

EE released the “EE Signal Box” recently, to try and boost the poor phone signal which
some of their customers had been suffering from. The EE signal box‘s main target market is
domestic mobile phone users however occasionally commercial situations are willing to give
it a try to improve the signal which is slowing down their business.

While you may have read in our previous blogs about EE signal boosters, the EE signal box is a similar piece of
equipment but works in a totally different way. The EE signal box or “booster box” uses your
home broadband to pick up and relay a phone signal to your phone. By using your
broadband, EE allows you to connect to their network allowing you to make calls indoors
within 15 metres of the EE boost box.

EE Signal Booster Box

EE Signal Booster Box

However, while this all sounds simple and straightforward, the need for a download speed of
512kbps and an upload speed of 256kbps is imperative for your EE signal box to work
seamlessly. It would be quite rare these days for your broadband connection to be slower
than this, however, to be on the safe side it is worth checking your internet speed using the
fast website before purchasing the EE signal box. Another thing which you require is a 3G
compatible smartphone. While smartphones are at an all time peak for popularity not
everyone has one which limits the effectiveness of the EE signal box even more. The EE
signal box can show limitations to how many users can connect at once, making it less
suitable for commercial settings, as only 4 users can connect at the one time, with a poor
connection limiting this further to 1 – 2 users. Comparing it to the O2 equivalent, this is only
an eighth of the amount of users which can connect. You will use your data allowance while
availing of the EE signal box but your usual tariff should be taken into consideration with
each call using a small part of this.

EE Mobile Booster Box

EE Mobile Booster Box

Like I previously mentioned, your upload and download broadband speed needs to be
sufficient for your EE signal box to work. However, this isn’t all that you will need. As you will
be connecting to the broadband router in your home you will need to have a spare ethernet
port for your EE booster box to connect to and also have a power supply near to your
broadband router for the signal box to plug into and gain power from. If you need to find out
more details about setting up your EE signal box, there is a how to inside the box and their
support team can also assist you in getting connected.

Now you have connected your 3G booster box you should be able to call numbers easily
through the 3G connection gained from your broadband router. While we have discussed the
limitation of these boosters, we are now going to discuss an alternative example of a means
to boost your EE signal. Without relying on an internet connection or limiting the users on
your device. Sure Signal ltd has years of experience in installing booster equipment across
the United Kingdom. The materials which we use in most cases is a distributed antenna

This works by picking up the available signal at the point near your home or
business where the signal is at its strongest, usually the roof. Once this signal is received
and is sufficient, we then cable the equipment to a OFCOM approved booster to then relay
the signal through the use of internal antennas. The amount of internal antennas required is
down to both the size and the layout of the building with the signal strength also playing an
important role.

EE 3G Signal Booster Box

Like the O2 system, the EE signal box is limited to EE phone numbers and sims only.
Therefore limiting the effectiveness of it in a work environment particularly but also limiting
the domestic effectiveness as some visitors, room mates or family members may be using a
different network to EE.

While the EE signal box is an excellent piece of equipment, its limitations and requirements
seriously hinder its effectiveness to the user. At Sure Signal the vast majority of our clients
are commercial, where the likelihood of the EE booster box working is very low unless for
example, in a small office. Therefore if you would like to discuss the matter further with one
of our experienced and informed project managers, feel free to contact us today where we
can look at your situation and work towards the most suitable solution for you. We can
provide a free consultation and quote so you can then decide the best option available to


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