Top 10 Reasons for Poor Mobile Signal & How A Signal Booster Can Help

With mobile phone usage increasing dramatically, the issues related to signal strength are not decreasing at the same pace. Its improvement is constantly worked upon, however, with more modern building material used for improving the country’s infrastructure, the signal strength of a mobile phone isn’t getting better. Let us examine the major causes of poor signal and its effect on your peace of mind. Below listed are 10 reasons for poor mobile signal.

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1. Building Material

Numerous times you may have noticed that you have to walk towards the open sky to receive or make a call. Have you ever wondered why? Well, it’s not your network carrier that is poor, and neither do you need to upgrade the handset. Ruling out these two major reasons, you must be wondering what is it? It’s likely to be partially caused by the building material! Concrete used, the steel used, sometimes insulation and even the glass that is used in making the buildings can obstruct the signals reaching you. So the shopping malls, the basements, the factories, or even the corporation where you work may not have good signal strength because of the building material. These materials can interfere with the signals and block them.

2. Bad Weather

Mobile phone signals are pure waves. These waves are certainly obstructed and affected by bad weather. Bad weather can be anything that interferes with the waves and prevents them from reaching the mobile phone, hence it can be humidity levels, heavy cloud cover , thunder, snow, rain, or even lightning.

3. Canopy of Plants and Trees

As amazing as nature is, the truth is that a large canopy of trees does obstruct the signals. It is for this reason when you go hiking, or for a jungle safari, the mobile phone signals are poor. So wherever you are and you have tall trees around you, there may be some signal issue.

4. Hills and Mountains

Go hiking and you are informing everyone about how unreachable you may be for a few hours! If you have found yourself doing that each time you want to enjoy the hilly and rocky terrain, you must have understood how mountains and hills regulate the signals and prevent them from reaching your handset. So even when your home or office is amidst the hills and mountains, the signal strength may be poor.

5. Increase In The Number of Mobile Phone Users

Indeed the usage of mobile phones has increased exponentially. This rise has led to a lowering of the signal strength. This means that the signals are affected when a large number of people are using the mobile phone at the same time. This is why on special days like Christmas and New Years’, mobile phone messages and calls tend to become slow or completely jammed. Sometimes, this is done by the network carriers to continue providing the basic internet connection, but other times, the signals get jammed naturally, leading to a slowing of the messages and calls too.

6. Position of The Antenna’s

Cast your mind back (if you are old enough) to two decades ago, we needed to first pull the antenna up on the phone to begin making the precious calls, we still need to keep the antennas intact for good signal strength. The only difference is that now the antennas are inbuilt and need not be pulled out. However, we still need the antennas for good signal strength. Thus, the way we hold the phone also matters. Sometimes, holding the phone upright slows down the signal and then we adjust its position to continue having a seamless call. This is because of the inbuilt antenna that does not receive a strong signal if held wrongly.

7. Distance of Mobile Tower

If the mobile towers are far from where you are, the signals will be slow and poor. This is one reason why we see a lot of mobile towers being erected as a part of new infrastructure development. So when you live on farms or homes in rural areas, chances are you are far away from the mobile mast, hence, there is generally poor signal in such areas.

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8. Cosmic Events

Each time there is a change in the cosmic events, subsequently, some shock waves are produced. These shock waves restrict the signal strength. Moreover, changes in the Earth’s magnetic field also disrupt the signals. Thus, one needs to know these facts so they don’t find the network carrier at fault.

9. Low Battery

It is important to keep the phone charged. It requires enough battery of the phone so it can pull signals. Thus, you need to keep the phone well charged. Also, this is vital while traveling so that the phone can pull signals when needed.

10. Old Handset

Although an old handset with 2G works well with signal boosters, the signals are rather poor if you try to install games or apps on a 2G network. As some features are not supported by some generations, expecting those features to run and work at a great pace is futile. So if you want to play games and use your phone for other features apart from MMS, SMS, and calling, you must update your phone to the next generation. All these issues can be handled using one single solution. This solution is legal and is a single successful fix to boost your signal strength. This solution is the installation of a signal booster.

How a Signal Booster Can Help to fix the above-mentioned problems

Signal Boosters, as the name suggests enhances the signals of the mobile phone. They are legal and are OFCOM-approved. This means they are 100% license exempted and can be installed anywhere where there is a weak signal issue. Mobile signal boosters enhance the signal strength by pulling the signal and transmitting it to the handset. In simple words, they use antennas and amplifiers to improve the signals.

After a survey is conducted (you can rely on the Sure Signal Solutions Engineers to carry out a detailed survey specific to your needs), the antennas and amplifiers’ cost estimation and their placement are decided. Based on the discretion of the owners, the equipment is placed. There are external and internal antennas. The external antennas pull the signals as soon as you begin to use your mobile phone. Then this signal is sent to the amplifier, which improves it and finally transmits it to the internal antennas. These further send the improved signal to your handset.

As complicated or lengthy as it may sound, the process takes a few seconds only. The signal boosters’ significant attribute is that they can improve signals at most locations, including those which are away from the mobile tower, such as farms and basements. The boosters and repeaters allow the signals to penetrate the buildings too where such steel or glass is used. Thus, you will find all the places where there is a signal booster brimming with phone calls and happy faces!

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