Do You Need A Mobile Phone Signal Booster O2?

Do You Need A Mobile Phone Signal Booster O2

Is the O2 phone signal in your office or home just not up to the standard you require? Do you
find yourself dropping calls at important times? Do you have a black zone in your building
where the signal is unable to reach? Do you need a mobile signal booster o2? If the answer
is Yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place. Sure Signal has years of
experience rectifying these issues and can help you too. We use a Distributed antenna
system to increase no phone signal in even the most difficult of situations. So whether you are
trying to boost your signal in your home or you have a commercial setting which needs the
same, Sure Signal can help.

A lot of the time, customers only require the boosting of one network signal, the one they
use, however in commercial settings it can be a case where all networks are required. We
stock signal boosters which are specifically designed to boost each network separately,
including O2 signal boosters. Generally speaking, the standard of O2 signal is quite strong
throughout the UK. However, not everywhere has the benefit of good signal, with rural areas
falling well behind the cities, towns and urban areas. This is down to the number of base
stations nearby, with many more being placed in more populated areas where the networks
are more strained. This is little benefit to those in rural areas, however Sure Signal can help.

If your O2 signal leaves a lot to be desired, you should consider investing in an O2 signal
booster, we can install this for you and leave you forgetting the stresses of not having signal.
Sure Signal Ltd is a UK registered company who specializes in Distributed Antenna Systems
(DAS) for improving in-building phone signals. We pride ourselves on our experienced and
professional staff.

From the Project Manager, to the surveyor to the engineers themselves, you are guaranteed a positive experience working with Sure Signal. The general installation
begins with a consultation with our project manager, we then survey your building giving you
a full itemised run down of what materials and labour are required. Once the survey has
been completed, we then move towards installation, where the engineers will plan and install
the system. Once they have completed their installation it is passed back to the project
manager to sign off on the installation with the client. We consider no installation too large or
too small and will consider every communication. We are keen to provide every customer
with the signal they require.

Which signal booster is best for your circumstances?

There are a number of different kinds of boosters for sale on the market, not all of which are
high quality and legal. Sure Signal only sells OFCOM license exempt equipment, but always
check with your supplier that your materials you purchase are legal for use in the UK.
There are numerous kinds of systems available for boosting your network. O2 signal
boosters are required to boost O2 signal where it is lacking. These boosters are specifically
programmed to pick up the O2 network where available. They will lock on to the frequency
carrying this signal and once the external antenna is facing the nearest base station it will
pick up the O2 signal and distribute it throughout your building once everything has been

mobile phone signal booster system

There are some cases where one O2 signal booster isn’t enough to distribute the signal
throughout an entire building. It is dependent on the square footage of the building and the
internal layout as to how many O2 signal boosters you will require. It is extremely rare for a
domestic setting to need more than one while it is unusual for a commercial setting to use
only one. It is all down to the size and scope of the premise, but our surveyor will break this
down for you further once he has completed his visit.

There are numerous websites selling non compliant equipment, so be especially careful
when purchasing that it fits the bill regarding OFCOM regulations. This can amount to fines
and removal of the system should it interfere with the networks or be discovered in use. Any
of the team at Sure Signal Ltd would be happy to help with any questions you may have on
the matter.

With regards to the installation itself, once our surveyor has scoped the project and provided
the engineers with what is required, they can then proceed to the installation. The time taken
to complete installations are entirely down to the size and layout of the building with larger
and more complex buildings taking longer. You can install small systems yourself and we
would be happy to talk you through it but for larger or commercial purposes we must install
the system.

Do you need an O2 signal booster?

If you feel your signal isn’t running optimally or you are constantly frustrated by calls
dropping you can almost certainly say you need an 02 signal booster. Depending on who
you purchase from, the cost can be minimal, but the benefits are proven.

If you are unsure if a signal booster will help, there are numerous Apps on the Google play
or apple store which claim to boost your 4G signal. They work by balancing your upload and
download speed but play little role in actually boosting your signal. If you have tried these
apps in the past or struggle to know whether an O2 signal booster will benefit you or your
business, reach out to one of our expert staff and we would be more than happy to give you
advice and point you in the right direction.

You may find your phone switching to 3G automatically, this doesn’t mean 4G or 5G is
unavailable, it just means your phone isn’t picking up a strong enough signal to maintain
these faster speeds. An O2 signal booster will rectify this issue.

If you’re still unsure whether you need a mobile phone signal booster for O2, please contact
us today and let one of our members of staff guide you through this issue and propose a
solution. With the roll out of 5G happening quicker than ever in recent times, it has never
been a better time to sort out your signal issues for good and enjoy optimal connectivity at all


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